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A remarkable video of W kissing ass to Jr.Jr

Almost all the memes dominating the latest propaganda are there – albeit barely articulated.

Glad W changed his mind about “hard work”

And as for that front row seat – seems to me he was there when this was first cooked. or at least, Cousin Dick told him in time.

A nice little piece of Schadenfreude writing from Top of the Ticket

Even in another time zone, the cloistered cackling of Illinois Gov. Rod “Bleeping” Blagojevich could be heard. It was his arrest on corruption charges and release on bail in early December that prompted Reid to get 49 other Senate Democrats to sign a letter and announce how that body would never accept any appointee of a tainted governor like fellow Democrat Blagojevich. And a vacationing Obama agreed with Reid.

and his keeping score ends with

Oh, and Democrat Blagojevich is still sitting at the governor’s desk. With his guy in Obama’s seat. And his close friend, Rahm Emanuel, as White House chief of staff starting next week. Other than that, Blago lost everything in this struggle.

I like also the way Cinie writes it

Senator Roland Burris.

Ha, ha, ha.

Obacrats are going to be choking on that one every time they have to utter the word, “Senator” in front of the name “Roland Burris,”  which is going to be a lot, since he is the junior senator from Illinois.

Burris himself issued a statement that recalls the little unpleasantness:

I would like to publicly thank Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and my long-time friend and Illinois’ senior senator, Dick Durbin. Never once did I doubt their intentions were motivated by anything other than doing what was right for the people of Illinois and by what they believed had to be done to protect the Senate as an institution.

The scape goat also gets mentioned

Secretary of State Jesse White, whom I’ve known for more than 30 years, is also owed a debt of gratitude. He also happen to be someone whose autograph I cherish.

And much as the move has been done as discretely as possible

The move, done with no cameras present to provide lasting video evidence of the political debacle for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois’ other senator, Dick Durbin, should get the political mess out of the way in time for Obama’s inauguration next Tuesday, as his aides had suggested.

it will provide a lasting proof of the clusterfuck of corruption and incompetence that the Obamacratic party is.

And what’s shadenfreude without a trip to Mudville?

Like this comment

Even so, it is a shame that Illinois should be represented — and Obama succeeded — by someone who has shown himself to be such a joke. I hope and expect Burris’s tenure in the Senate will not last beyond 2010.

This one is good

I was writing a post earlier called “Free Roland Burris” because Harry Reid has turned this whole episode into a bad joke and an embarrassment, but it now looks like he will be seated and fast.

Congrats to an opportunistic, egotistical asshole like Burris? Why? Because he happens to have an D next to his name? Anyone with an ounce moral fiber would never have accepted an appointment this tainted. But it’s party over principle, right?


I’m still pissed that he accepted the appointment…….

and went against the Democrats as a whole.

.summing up from the other side via Hot Air

Think about this. You’ve got a popular Democratic incoming president, a Democratic lieutenant governor and secretary of state, and overwhelming Democratic majorities both in Congress and in the Illinois legislature. Everyone involved was opposed to letting Blagojevich make the pick.

And together they still couldn’t figure out a way to stop him.

complete with an exit question:

Exit question: The boss calls this Harry Reid’s humiliation. Isn’t it just as much Obama’s humiliation, too?

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