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That whole 60s unpleasantness with anti-war demonstrations and civil rights struggles is dead now – thank God!So does the last phase of the post-partisan rhetoric – baby boomers are dead and he allegedly invented centrism.

The rationalizations abund for why everything worth living and fighting for is just not cool anymore.

Garrychapelhill in his analysis of the AP “generational revolution” dreg asks

So if he’s not a boomer, and not an Xer, then what?   Hell, they’ve made all this other shit up, why stop now?

Why indeed? They have a new one indeed, with the help of a political consultant:

Generation Jones, as in the slang word ‘jonesing,’ or craving, and as in a generation that’s lost in the shuffle.

Jonesers are idealistic, Pontell says, but not ideological like boomers. “Boomers were flower children out changing the world. We Jonesers were wide-eyed, not tie-dyed.”

See? Idealistic, not ideologues – like those dirty hippies and their civil rights excesses. But is it new? Glen Greenwald has seen it before:

Because this election isn’t about ideology. It’s about competence. It’s not about overthrowing governments in Central America. It’s about creating good jobs in middle America.

Who said that? Bill Clinton? Nope, Michael Dukakis, in his acceptance speech :

“This election isn’t about ideology. It’s about competence.”  That was Michael Dukakis’ battle-cry more than 20 years ago in order to prove that he wasn’t beholden to those dreaded leftist ideologues in his party, that he was instead devoted to pragmatic solutions, to “whatever works.”

and the media is celebrating this new fangled thinghie

celebrating as “remarkable” — that a national Democratic politician is alienating “the Left” and embracing the center-right in the name of transcending ideological and partisan conflicts — is about the least new dynamic that one can imagine.  That’s what the most trite Beltway mavens — from David Broder and Mickey Kaus to Joe Klein and The New Republic — have been demanding since forever, and it’s what Democratic leaders have done for as long as one can remember.

So, those of you jonesing for social justice, ending of the war, equality – tough luck. You are passe, the idealist Jonesians want “hope” that looks good on teevee, not actual transformation.

Ideology is dead, long live tax cuts, bigotry, deregulations and unchecked executive power (psst! that would be someone else’s ideology, but don’t tell Joneses that – it’s not cool)

Recently Dick Cheney, the original Darth told us that his cousin BO will keep all those illegal powers he, Dick amassed in the executive.

There was silence in the media and now, a justification follows. Coyly entitled


the article makes the case that

The flaw of the Bush-Cheney administration may have been less in what it did than in the way it did it—flaunting executive power, ignoring Congress, showing scorn for anyone who waved the banner of civil liberties.

Had they been more polite when breaking the law, everything would have been hunky dory since, the article assures us. A “flaw” people, not a crime…A breach of etiquette

In times of war and crisis, as presidents such as Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt discovered, the nation needs a strong chief executive

Geez, Newsweek! I guess I understand now why you never criticized Cheney when he was doing it, not even his lack of manners in “flaunting it”! You and the rest of the media were covering the “unitary executive” with the same awe as you are covering this “but this guy will use it for good”.

Interestingly enough, Newsweek is silent on the fact that Biden was returning  Dick’s illegal powers – apparently, we couldn’t trust him with all that. Teh One – that’s another story all together.

I remember Hillary during the campaign, promising to restore the presidency to its constitutional tenure. I remember searching – and not finding – any similar vow from Obama, even if Newsweek in a fuzzy way implies the opposite

. Barack Obama was elected partly to cleanse the temple of the Bush-Cheney stain, and in his campaign speeches he promised to reverse Cheney’s efforts to seize power for the White House in the war on terror.

Well, the voters thought they were doing that, but the media, paid by the same people they were paying for covering up for Bush and Cheney knew better.

Cheney’s cousin was put in place precisely to continue the family business. The only truth in that article is the illustration, which is why I displayed it.

And this article is pretty much a rehashing of the arguments Cheney made in his interview with Rush Limbaugh, only with better illustrations


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