After Diane Feinstein disagreed with Reid and the senators on blocking Burris

“Does the governor have the power, under law, to make the appointment? And the answer is yes,” Feinstein said, urging the Senate to settle the matter. “If you don’t seat Mr. Burris, it has ramifications for gubernatorial appointments all over America. … Mr. Burris is a senior, experienced politician.”

Politico reports of a new meeting taking place today

He’s now got a top Senate Democrat on his side, a growing chorus of Congressional Black Caucus members backing him and an apparent edge in pending lawsuits.

An edge in pending lawsuits! Way to go, No Drama!

And just to make it sure I have no favorites on any side of this fight, my good friend Jim-Clintonsare racist Clyburn weighs in on the other side

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, a member of the House Democratic leadership and the highest ranking African-American in Congress, told Politico that the Constitution is on Burris’ side.

“I thought we ought to follow the Constitution, and I think, whatever we do, we don’t get away from the Constitution, irrespective of our feelings politically,” Clyburn said.

Something tells me that Clyburn would not have hugged the Constitution so tight had Burris’s color been different.

NYT editorial elaborates the point

THE scene of Roland W. Burris being escorted from the Senate by the Capitol police on Tuesday could be only the first act of an unpleasant and distracting drama. But in the days since Mr. Burris’s appointment to Illinois’s junior Senate seat was announced by that state’s scandal-tainted governor, Rod Blagojevich, it has become clear that the Senate’s power to reject Mr. Burris is, at best, highly debatable. The wisest course for the Senate is to end the dispute by accepting the appointment.

But bring it on! It’s nice to see that the race card that put an incompetent in the White House can be played against him too…


And Burris/Blago wins!

Roland Burris, the man appointed to Barack Obama’s Senate seat by embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will be allowed to take the seat, according to the Associated Press.

Spokespersons for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin are denying the report

They’ll only look more idiotic when t turns out to be true.


As predicted, the Blago mess spills into Franken’s situation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid yielded to Republican threats and agreed on Monday not to immediately seat fellow Democrat Al Franken, whose razor-close victory in Minnesota faces legal challenges.

After all, if they are using a Secretary of State certification for Burris…

Update 2

Illinois Secretary of State jesse White resents being made the fall guy and more importantly thinks

“They could have seated him without my signature,” White said. “My signature’s mainly ceremonial rather than being a point of law.”