An ironic tale of two incoming senators and the red tape battles readied for Tuesday

It seems that Al Franken’s road to the senate will be contentious all the way with

A Supreme Court order requested by Norm Coleman could change things, but the counting of wrongly rejected absentee ballots is to start today.

But since Franken is due in the senate on Tuesday, the GOP is preparing a welcome for him

Cornyn promises filibuster on Franken

The newly minted National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chairman said he had not whipped votes in the GOP caucus, but added that he could not imagine any members defecting and seating Franken without a certificate of election.

Franken will not have that certificate as long as the election is challenged in the courts

And here comes the funny part as noticed by Firedoglake: Cornyn tactics are identical with those of Reid in his planned opposition to Burris:

The first thing the Senate leadership plans to do is to demand, under Rule 2 of the Standing Rules of the Senate, a certificate containing “the name of the person elected or appointed, the date of the certificate, the name of the governor and the secretary of state signing and countersigning the same, and the State from which such Senator is elected or appointed.”

So, they’ll errect a red tape wall against Burris…Unless baybe Blago was smart enough to take care of this one too

It turns out that Blagojevich–like every other Governor, I’m told–has a set of certificates that are pre-signed by the Secretary of State, to be used in the event of an emergency. If Burris shows up with one of those, the Senate leadership intends to reject it.

So now, with both parties prepared to use petty bureaucracy to block a member on the other side, looks like they are in check

Concludes Firedoglake

The Republicans have been planning to block Franken for some time, and Reid should have factored that in when he drew up his Burris game plan. Until Reid announced he’d refuse to seat Burris because he didn’t have a certificate, the Dems had an argument that the Senate Republicans were just playing politics.

Now they’re stuck trying to explain the double standard for Franken and Burris.

Harry Reid — played by Blago, played by Cornyn.

He’s a friggin’ Stradivarius.

Well, it’s a morality tale that to me only illustrated how much the Democratic party left not just its base but its principle. Once you steal an election for your predetermined candidate, what’s to differentiate you from the other guys? Other that, you now operate from Chicago – so the stench of all the goings on there will be imprinted on the party for years to come.


yet another hilarious development

If Roland Burris tries to enter the rarefied airspace of the Senate chambers, he will be stopped by armed guards.