Famous last words from Obama propagandist Frank Rich – thank you Heidi Li .

As one  who has not been laboring under Obama reveries and who began trying to figure out whether he reminded me more of Richard Nixon or George W. Bush as far back as the fall of 2007,  this late faint awakening from a journalist of many years’ experience seems peculiar, to say the least

The entire media had Obama reveries, with Frank Rich being particularly vicious to Hillary in his daily columns in his zeal.

Some of us were awake – and there was a reason I kept calling Obama Jr.jr

and I declared I was a racist in a new way

Because if racism is fear of those different than you, I do fear you, Barack Obama. I even have antipathy for you. You don’t look like me.

From where I sit you look  very much like George Bush.

Too bad the media was asleep at the wheel – when they should have informed the electorate. or in truth, not asleep but doing PR for their dreamy candidate.

And it’s the reason I picked the NY Post Obama endorsement page as graphic – Bush apologists, funky context. In their print justification they also added that Hillary was “even more liberal than her husband, more liberal than Obama” From the mouth of Murdoch babes!