Remember Michelle’s “you only have one shot at him”?

Caroline pulls a similar one acording to Politico in her NY interview

Kennedy, who projected a relaxed, accessible persona, was also asked if she’d run in 2010 if not selected.

“Well, if he doesn’t select me, I would support the person that he does select,” she said.

Why would she have to pander to riff raff? (It also means it’s in the bag, like B0’s selection whem Michele spoke)

After all, she has a “vocation”

Dominic Carter: Is the legacy of your father perhaps why you’re running or hoping to go to the U.S. Senate?

Caroline Kennedy: This is really about me. I’m tremendously proud of our family legacy my mother was really a strong force in my life and she believed doing the unexpected and living life on your own terms. Now that I am 51 as you pointed out (laughs) this is something I’ve come to on my own. I’ve done different kinds of things because I think this isn’t something you don’t do unless you’re really committed. I understand about how much work is required This is not just a job, it’s a vocation, a mission, I wouldn’t be putting myself forward unless I was serious about exactly what was required.

Sheesh! Silly me – I thought it was about serving the people of NY!

Anyway, the little bit of dish from the Politico article

she finally spoke to Hillary Clinton — who didn’t initially take her call — and that, if she’s not selected, she won’t run for the seat.

“We did have a very nice, you know, conversation, and obviously I’m not gonna talk about that, except to say that she said this was the greatest job that she’d ever had and could imagine having,” Kennedy said. “So, she was very encouraging, and that was, you know, that was nice because she’s a huge inspiration of mine.”

yeah, Caroline, it was a great job she had. Then your uncle squeezed her out bu kicking her out of the healthcare committeee making her leave senate so you can have a ‘vocation”. But only by appointment.


I missed the funniest bit – her answer to the voting record:

“I was really surprised and dismayed by my voting record,” she said. “I’m glad it’s been brought to my attention.”

Translation: not the voting record I used to know”

And then, there’s the NY Times interview where she gave the impression that

she still seemed less like a candidate than an idea of one: forceful but vague, largely undefined and seemingly determined to remain that way.

one exception from the vagueness:

Caroline Kennedy, the woman who would be New York’s next senator, is sure of one thing

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I would be the best,”

And she left the controversial answers to…the voters

even in an area like education, where she has some expertise. Ms. Kennedy would not say, for example, whether she supported proposals to abolish tenure for teachers and offer them merit pay instead.“To pick out the most controversial one as a stand-alone thing, I don’t think that’s really the way to go about this,” Ms. Kennedy said. “People can vote; it’ll be really interesting to see what happens.