The New Agenda alerted us on the dialogue on the Obama macho cabinet as conveyed by CNN. The good news? They mention the discontent at all, and even better – they correctly quote from The New Agenda

Amy Siskind, co-founder of the nonpartisan group New Agenda, accuses Obama of taking “shocking steps backward” and said “this constituency does not matter to the president-elect.”

The unspeakable part is Obama’s response:

Obama has said he’s picking people for their skills and not pandering to special interests.

Funny, that was exactly what W called NAACP, blacks.

And it’s even more outrageous considering women are no minority, but very much most of the US population. Too bad we are so dumb we couldn’t produce 11-12 qualified cabinet members.

Maybe also that’s why the groping Obama speechwriter not only isn’t held responsible for his attitude but is celebrated by the media (add your comments) while the protest mounted by the left against Warren is not even mentioning his anti-women stands