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The New Agenda alerted us on the dialogue on the Obama macho cabinet as conveyed by CNN. The good news? They mention the discontent at all, and even better – they correctly quote from The New Agenda

Amy Siskind, co-founder of the nonpartisan group New Agenda, accuses Obama of taking “shocking steps backward” and said “this constituency does not matter to the president-elect.”

The unspeakable part is Obama’s response:

Obama has said he’s picking people for their skills and not pandering to special interests.

Funny, that was exactly what W called NAACP, blacks.

And it’s even more outrageous considering women are no minority, but very much most of the US population. Too bad we are so dumb we couldn’t produce 11-12 qualified cabinet members.

Maybe also that’s why the groping Obama speechwriter not only isn’t held responsible for his attitude but is celebrated by the media (add your comments) while the protest mounted by the left against Warren is not even mentioning his anti-women stands

While championing the little cutout fun with Hillary, Facebook Bobot bans breastfeeding images proving they have the exact disorder Woody Allen warned us in “Everything you wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask

I have been feeling very sad this week about my internet family…I even thought about packing my possessions in a handkerchief, tying it to a stick and walking away to hitch a train yo Solitude land

I stopped packing when I read Heidi Li’s beautiful entry at No Quarter and the Confluence

Especially in the fight against the subjugation of women, men and women must ask themselves these questions, because one of the hardest obstacles to achieving progress toward the good of justice for women is the tendency toward infighting on the one hand and selling out on the other.

and the closing:

Time is on the side of those who fight for justice, so long as those who fight for justice do so with patience and tenacity, and resist the parallel temptations toward selling out or excessive infighting.

Thank you Heidi Li for the wonderful words of hope.

What had started as an admirable, heartwarming rally to help one of us in a moment of unspeakable tragedy and hardship, is threatening to evolve into a B0botic type loyalty test, with boycotts and lists of naughty and nice.

Let’s please remember what all of us had to escape earlier this year before coming together as PUMAs and not make anything – not even righteous arguments into divisive tests.

I will never change my values or give up my fight. I would dearly love to continue to do it with my dear friends of the past year.

As long as I can do it PUMA way.

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Of course, Obama’s Politico describes it as the plot of the fiendish GOP-ers

Senate Republicans say they’re ready to work across the aisle with Barack Obama, but it’s not exactly a mission of mercy: Republicans senators hope to dodge charges of obstructionism β€” and they won’t mind if they drive a wedge between Obama and congressional Democrats in the process

but the predictabe result is

The shortfallΒ  would give Republicans some leverage to force congressional Democrats to compromise by dropping measures that have been long sought by the left. Obama, in turn, could push the congressional Democrats toward such a compromise in order to have big accomplishments to tout as soon as he takes the oath of office.

It’s almost irrelevant who would initiate these moves. The interesting part to me is that everyone knows – the media and the Republicans who will be getting the shaft

“In our quest to do good policy, we’re going to find a lot more areas of commonality with Obama than we are with House and Senate Democrats,” said one senior Senate GOP aide. “When Obama and congressional Republicans do work together, the byproduct of that is in-fighting on the left.”

Do some people figure out why the Bush pioneers donated to unknown Obama and the media became his PR machine? (I mean , the ones who didn’t wonder about that before)

I see th1 11 percenters having to talk very fast next year. Pretzel shape.


And here are the 11 percenters dealing with fresh material now

oe Lieberman’s 2006 primary campaign manager, Sean Smith, who accused Ned Lamont of hacking their website the day of the Connecticut primary in 2006, has been selected to be the new Administration’s spokesperson at the Department of Homeland Security.

These days it seems the Obamanationals are drinking more Kool-aid but enjoying it less.

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