As the media is working overtime to shove Princess Kennedy down our throats a few glitches are bound to develop

Chris was interviewing Kerry Kennedy (for the hundredth time,
it seems), selling Caroline. Chris asked Kerry about Caroline’s
position on abortion.

Kerry answered that she DIDN’T KNOW.

Now we know why she doesn’t vote, talk to reporters or work.

I have yet to understand why she allows them to push her to be a senator.

Joan Walsh did write about it.

Caroline Kennedy’s claim on Hillary Clinton’s soon to be vacant Senate seat took a couple of hits on Friday. The Associated Press revealed that Kennedy hasn’t voted in at least six major elections in the last 20 years, including the 1994 election for the seat she wants to claim. And on “Hardball” this afternoon, Kerry Kennedy told Chris Matthews she didn’t know whether or not her cousin is pro-choice; she said they’d never talked about it.

She talks about the Princess not leaving much of a public footprint, which is a nice way to say – in 51 years of life she didn’t give a damn about public service – before demanding that she starts at the top.

And to her credit, Walsh calls them as she sees them:

Her short tour of New York, visiting Harlem and Buffalo and talking to political leaders, but making no public statements and taking no media questions, has set exactly the wrong tone. She doesn’t have time for a listening tour; she’s got to talk, too. Clinton’s famous listening tour only worked because she began it a year before she faced election. Ultimately the voters would decide if they liked what they saw and heard.

So, will any reporter ask the Princess pointblank what she thinks about the right to choice? yeah, right. That would have been as farfetched as reporters asking Obama during the campaign about Rezko and Blagojevich or people thinking th choice of Rick Warren would be also offensive to women, not just gays. Why? The anti-choice thinghie, silly. That silly unpleasantness no one is talking about