The title would be surreal if not for the media trying to equate the very real, very damning Chicago scandal with the ones they made up about the Clintons.

On the plus side, as miq2xu remarked

OTOH it is nice to see some old school Clinton haters admitting that the scandalfest of the nineties was bogus.

Still, comparing those with the Chicago mud is no exoneration, so I’ll try to educate the public here:

As commoner Bill Clinton inruded in their ivory towers, the establishment and their media started the all out war on him.

Not unlike this year reporters invading Alaska while Chicago’s festering Blagobamarama remained ignored, reporters from all papers stationed themselves in Arkansas in the 90s looking for the Clintons enemies.

It’s how Jeff Gerth of the still Clinton obsessed New York Times landed in Arkansas and started swaping documents with Sheffield Nelson – a Clinton opponent (Hunting of the President page 33)

The story about the “financial dealings” was murky enough to have Gerth apologetic – but only privately to people he accused. Mostly, it was Savings and Loans matters – now federal domain after the Bush bailout that Gerth was trying to pin on Clinton. (Hunting of the President p 35)

Enter L. Jean Lewis – investigator from Resolutions trust Corporation – temporary agency set up by Poppy to cover up his son S&L fraud. (p37)

She was a conservative referring to Bill Clinton in private conversation as ‘lying bastard” who initially had a different priority list of investigation for Arkansas. That all changed after Gerth’s article.

So, Whitewater becames the BIG Story. Witnesses incarcerated, the press is happily jumping on.

Eventually, the Pillsbury report fully exonerates the Clintons. Bill Clinton speaks of it at a press conference – NO ONE takes notes.

You’re not going to cover any of this, are you?

Silence followed

More on this from the Daily Howler

According to The Hunting of the President, major newspapers “with an investment in Whitewater” buried the evidence contained in the report. Last Friday, we quoted Conason and Lyons’ account of the way the New York Times misreported its contents, for example. It is only one of many descriptions of press misconduct found in the authors’ new text.

So, please, don’t tell me that Blagobamarama is like Whitewater.

Blagobamarama was not initiated by the media. The media trumpets daily and loudly that Obama is not named in the complaint. If you want a comparison, look at Abramoff, Harken, Enron. or Tamany Hall.