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I knew this cover would come in handy one of these days. I didn’t expect it would be so soon.

After all the denials, it seems that

As Gov. Rod Blagojevich was trying to pick Illinois’ next U.S. senator, businessmen with ties to both the governor and U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. discussed raising at least $1 million for Blagojevich’s campaign as a way to encourage him to pick Jackson for the job, the Tribune has learned.

Oh, well. As his father, Rev Jackson said

“Politics is a contact sport. Only those on the sidelines have clean uniforms,” he said.

I had saved this quote at the time thinking of the many players in that very, very dirty Chicago game.

Now, will anyone mention Jesse Jackson Jr was Obama’s campaign national chairman?

What was it that Obama was saying? “No one associated with my campaign approached Blagojevich re: senate seat”? or something like that. Is campaign cairman associated with the campaign?


Ironical headline: “JJJ – I want my name back”

Funny thing jesse, you never had a name of your own, you used your father’s to coast on his accomplishments. And now, to use your father  vernacular, your uniform is soiled. Funnier still, how Google plays a role in this

“When it’s over, I want every to know that I want my name back. … I’m fighting now for my character, and I’m also fighting for my life,” he said. “This is about my children being able to Google their name in five years and there be nothing there associated with them that suggests anything wrong.

16929-1208018699-11.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

I guess the whole Blago mess makes the Obama campaign members to take refuge in  kinder, happier times, when they were stealing the primaries by pressuring the opponents, states to remove themselves from the count. Good times, good times!

Adam Nagourney at the NYT reports on David Plouffe’s cynical musings:

But David Plouffe, the campaign manager for Barack Obama’s campaign, said at a campaign manager’s forum here at Harvard University tonight that things might have been a lot different had the disputed Florida primary actually counted in the Democratic race.

and actually blurts a shocking half truth:

“In fact, we might not have been the nominee,” Mr. Plouffe said at a forum sponsored by the Kennedy School of Government.

Actually, David, considering super delegates don’t count in the primary process, we didn’t have a nominee. we had a ‘clinching”

But of course all this is a way of saying it was Hillary’s fault Florida did’t count

Mr. Plouffe said that he was surprised – and relieved – when the Clinton campaign bowed to pressure from early primary states, including Iowa and New Hampshire, and agreed not to campaign in Florida after the state defied the Democratic National Committee and scheduled its primary before Feb. 3. That spared the Obama campaign the burden of running in a state where all sides agreed Mrs. Clinton was very strong

For some strange reason, the truth is them served in parenthesis

(The vote was held, and Mrs. Clinton won, but the Democratic National Committee said that delegates won there would not count in determining the outcome of the race.)

The only thing “better” was W’s remark in 2000:

“I won against peace and prosperity”

If that “ha!ha! we stole it fair and square” moment wasn’t good enough for you, here’s a Gwen-impartial- Iffil lovely moment for the ending

Taking a look at her four guests, Ms. Ifill said, “Here we are in a year when we elected our first African-American president,” she said, “and I get to share the stage with four white guys.”

ha!Ha! How exquisite!

The Obama media reaches for the obvious and calls the damage control they are doing for Obama just that: “Damage Control” – a somewhat damning headline for their protege. Although they still try to present the whole unpleasantness as “a test of openness” for Obama

Obama’s campaign lawyer Bob Bauer is taking a leading role in conducting what one top aide described as “an internal review” stopping short of a full-blown investigation.

The goal is simple and urgent: find who talked with disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and when – and precisely what they said.

When you’re talking “lawyer” and “what they said” – it’s more than a test.

Maybe those multiple conversations will Rahm Emmanuel over the senate seat will come out to light as they are on wiretapes anyway

Maybe that’s why the word “scandal” is also used now

In trying to meet the first rule of Washington scandal-management – get the facts out on your own terms, and fast – Obama may have promised something he’ll later regret, one expert warned.

And the other possibility of nuggets of information

Obama also released the list of donors to his transition fund earlier than required. And this week, he announced his transition team would take questions from the public and answer the most popular queries.

hey, who knows? With all this “openness” one of these days, the electoral campaign list of donors may be released too…

One more stumbling block to getting the facts on his own terms: Rezko is talking

Of course, NY Times goes out of its make every paragraph exculpatory

“When Tony Rezko was charged with all these crimes, people speculated about what he might say about Obama,” Mr. Stewart said. “But as of now, nothing of any consequence has come out of that.”

It’s good they use qualifiers such as “as of now” considering Rezko may be talking some more

So, while B0bots feel that the media terrorizes Obama, I am starting to wonder, how long can they manage to portray Obama as heroic and noble in the avalanche of new facts?

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