I had resisted watching this video posted at the Confluence only so long – eventually I had to give in and ruin my day.

Just a piece of cardboard, stupid!

And “nigger” is just a word.

I had given up on Carville back in 2001 when he was advocating torture on Crossfire. Somehow, I forgave him at some point in this election only to be let down again.

The spite he pronounces “the new Agenda” with!

And apparently, people who posted this on Facebook are sick…Why, James? If there’s nothing wrong it what went on, where is the sickness?

And for the sake of the accuracy, It was WaPo who was “sick” publishing a photo of a 27 years old having fun with a piece of cardboard.

Because this is your message – over and over:

“he did noting wrong” “Just a piece of cardboard” “a 27 years old having a good time” “I hope I’ll do the same when I am 67”

And remarkably, the Republican gasbag agreed with him! The unifying power of the misogyny!

Have it your way, James. Let this be the face of the Democratic party

Since it’s just a piece of cardboard, stupid,  you can’t possibly object to the switcheroo)

..because for all the protests, this will be the enduring memory coming out of this election. Along with this image

thobamapimp.gif picture by Robbedvoter