Per my last update from NY Post on the previous entry  – there is hope this subject will become moot

But the governor, who has the sole authority to name a new senator, was also said to be concerned that Kennedy, whom friends call “quiet and non-assertive,” doesn’t have the personality to be an aggressive fighter in the Senate on behalf of the state’s increasingly desperate need for federal financial help.

In the hope that the governor is wise and this entire topic goes in the mothballs, I still need to bring here a well written article.

because of paragraphs like these

But now, this pressed rose, her children growing up, her marriage (by tabloid reports and Manhattan whispers) not so good, needs something to do. So why not become the senator from New York?

The fact that she has never had a job, other than as a retailer of sentimental poetry, and keeper of the flame, and occasional figure-head on commissions and committees, is beside the point.

But there is also some dish that connects this elitist story to the media’s elitism:

When the New York Post pursued a story about antics (Kennedy-type antics) involving her then 18-year-old daughter, Caroline went to Rupert Murdoch’s primary aide, Gary Ginsberg, formerly her brother John’s right-hand-man, who went to Murdoch, who quashed the Post’s story. In turn, she wrote a letter to Brearley, the private school in Manhattan where she sits on the board, when Murdoch’s daughter, Grace, was applying for kindergarten there.

Likewise, when Murdoch wanted an audience with Barack Obama, he went through Caroline (who, at that moment, was riding with Barack Obama in his car)

And this makes me believe NY Post may be wrong in thinking Paterson will pick someone else. As ‘the ultimate insider” the article goes on to justify her usefulness.

And since I came to see politics as precisely that, it’s hard for me not to see a backroom deal when I smell one.

Experience, schmexperience! Who do you think this is? Sarah Palin?


NYT has more fawning about the Kennedy clan politicking

More interesting to me is Carolyn Maloney’s input

In what could be read as a dig at the waiting game for Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Maloney said in a statement: “This is no time for people to be coy about whether or not they are up to the job of stepping into Senator Clinton’s big shoes.”

Update 2

Interestingly enough, Ted Kennedy had a spokesman deny the “politicking”

“Senator Kennedy has not contacted anyone in New York regarding the possibility of Caroline Kennedy serving in the Senate,” he said.

Mr. Coley refused to elaborate.

Seems everything is being done by spokesmen these days – why not the politicking as well?. Still, the denial is interesting. Are they aware of how it looks? Was Blagojevich being caught trying to sell Obama’s seat given them pause? or just made them more careful about appearances?

Riverdaughter’s comment on blackmail suddenly gets a new importance after the Chicago events

Let me get this straight: If Caroline is the next senator from NY, the state will suddenly get what it wants, presumably because it needs and deserves it.
But if Hillary is still the senator, or some other selection is made, the state will not get what it needs and deserves?
Doesn’t this sound a lot like, um, extortion?