Hoping no one heard about the bankruptcy news, the Tribune  is snarking at the Obama virulent opponents

which it willfully misidentifies as

Those who spent most of the 1990s seething that Bill and Hillary Clinton were serial murderers and who devoted the entire 2008 campaign cycle to painting Obama as a mysterious radical aren’t relaxing during the transition.

You know how I know it’s not the same  people? Simple. If it were, the Tribune would join the pack today, like it did during the 1990s. They would spearhead the birth certificate stories just as they had reporters dispatched in Arkansas looking for dirt –  photos if possible – on Bill Clinton.

I think this is a shrewd attempt from a publication on its way out to revive the “liberal media” chestnut and try to paint itself as such, as this year, this may be ‘in”

So – let me correct that paragraph:

Those who spent most of the 1990s seething that Bill and Hillary Clinton were serial murderers, have been the cheerleaders for Obama in this election cycle, continuing the seething throughout the primaries and beyond

A nice feat of bait and switch – but some of us still keep track of events as they actually occurred.

The rest of the article is devoted to the birth certificate lawsuits – so, I’ll skip. The fun part – in the context, is the prediction

For four years, maybe eight, we’ll be hearing their shrill, tedious accusations, their daffy theories rooted in parsing and paranoia.

You may hear, but very likely in your new job, if not in the unemployment line.

The best part is the ending:

I wish we had the luxury to be amused.

I am glad you don’t. And the reason is, you’re going under. You know why?

because no one pays for  propaganda.


And the filing for bankruptcy is a fact

Tribune Co., the owner of the Los Angeles Times, KTLA Channel 5 and dozens of other daily newspapers and television stations across the country, filed Monday for bankruptcy protection from creditors