I never bought into the glamour of any family – royal, political, Hollywood or any other kind – except maybe the literary ones – Forsyte Saga being my favorite. But as both life and good literature show, every family has its good and bad members – there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to use relativity as recommendation. For anything – from acting to politics to business or crafts. It’s why monarchy and aristocratic titles were outlawed in this country.

And it’s why I find the Kennedy claims on Hillary’s senate seat ridiculous and insulting.


blurts the NY Post headline, somehow capturing the ridiculous sense of privilege these people have.

The elder Kennedy (D-Mass.), who’s battling brain cancer, has sent word to Gov. Paterson’s office that Caroline Kennedy, 51, has contacts and family connections that would mean legislation affecting New York would receive prompt attention, family sources said.

And the ridiculous part gets better:

She has yet to publicly express interest in the Senate seat, but a New York Democratic source said she has “made numerous overtures to get into politics.”

“She’s looking for a mission in life,” the source said, now that her three children are mostly grown. “Preferably in politics.”

Why do I feel this was a Bush family conversation cca 1990?

There are moments of reality

A Paterson-administration source said that because of Caroline’s limited political experience, she is “barely in the game.”

followed by the usual gushing.

I feel the need to commend Firedoglake for taking the right position on this. Unfortunately, all the good arguments they make on Caroline, they should have made on Obama too:

Her leadership could have been really helpful when the rest of us were trying to keep the progressive lights on and getting the stuffing beaten out of us by a very well-financed right wing for the past eight years.Β  But when things were tough, she was nowhere to be found.

Now that the Democrats are in power, she’d like to come in at the top.Β  We have absolutely no idea if she’s qualified,…

So, the credibility is a bit strained.

However, Mark Twain’s credibility is sterling so I leave the last word to him

We hold these truths to be self-evident–that all monarchs are usurpers and descendants of usurpers; for the reason that no throne was ever set up in this world by the will, freely exercised, of the only body possessing the legitimate right to set it up–the numerical mass of the nation.

Oh, and I have personal reasons to dislike the brat too.

Last thing I need in the senate for my state is another shirt ironing bot.


According to NY Post, it may not happen

In spite of seeing Caroline

as an “enormous potential drawer” of contributions to his own planned campaign for governor in 2010.

Paterson apparently wonders if she can feel the shoes:

Can Caroline Kennedy be the tough, hard, calculating, aggressive, articulate and, yes, obnoxious type of senator New York needs and expects?” said a second administration insider.

And, this being NY Post, using lots of grains of salt, from Hillary’s perspective

Clinton would be dead-set against seeing Caroline take her seat.

“Why would she want to see that seat go to someone who essentially double-crossed her?” the source said, noting the Kennedy family’s endorsement of Obama in the primary. “It’s a nightmare scenario for her.”

The contenders according to this are

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo or either US Rep. Carolyn Maloney of Manhattan or Kirsten Gillibrand of Hudson,