Barack-I am not a Muslim-Hussein-Obama is now planning to unite the Muslims. New York Times is picking the label for the Vuiton luggage:

President-elect Barack Obama’s aides say he is considering making a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital during his first 100 days in office.

So where should he do it?

Where should he do it???? is that the question that comes up here?

How about


Let’s set aside the stupididity of the idea encouraged by the fawning media that speechifying counts for anything else than an exercise in vanity.

In the case of Muslims, whose fanatics blows to the rest of the world have been slowed down only by the fact that they are at odds with each other, a commom purpose is just what the word needs.

With us or against us – it’s almost irrelevant at this point.

And, yes, it has been planned as Kerry famously blurted out

John Kerry says bluntly that Barack Obama has the potential to “bridge the divide in religious extremism” because he is black….

Of course, the “black” was a last minute save – he realized that officially, Obama was not a Muslim here..

I wonder how much of that billion in funding was brought in by “Hussein”

Anyway, the plan is going into action, and all new York Times is asking is : where would this make the best photo op?”


An excellent commentary on this by Lisa B at No Quarter

But how will he handle further Islamic extremism? Does he think once he’s sworn in and speechifies from a carefully chosen Muslim capital that all will be sweetness and light? What, exactly, will it accomplish? But then, what will he do about the rampant anti-Semitism so clearly visible and so acceptable that the UN will sponsor another “notorious” anti-racism event like Durban? This isn’t “genteel” racism, done in code words or through suggestion. This is the real deal, where people regularly say in “polite society” that others do not have a right to live and are the source of all a region’s ills.

What will this post-racial President do? According to the writer at Forbes, another AA had a few words about this. Maybe he should lead the way.

When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism. –The Rev. Martin Luther King, 1968