asks a B0bot in response to Hispanics squirming under the bus, proving irony is dead.

And why should Obama have to name people based on their gender or race?

Lots of attacks on a woman and loyalty police beatings follow in the discussion, but this question takes the cake. Why indeed?

Let me count the ways: we have a candidate for whom the media had to invent a new word make believe he won a primary: “Clinching” (for those with short attention span, neither candidate got the required number of PLEDGED delegates, a brokered convention was supposed to follow the results, superdelegates have no business being counted in the primaries, before the convention)

We have an election where the word “racist” was used as an universal answer for criticism – no matter what area

We have an election called “historic” solely for skin deep novelty

This country history is replete with groups of immigrants willing to pull the draw bridge up once they made it. On an individual level, one has only to look at Clarence Thomas to understand it.

But this hypocrisy is now practiced on a massive scale, and not solely by the direct beneficiary: “he got his, you STFU”

Irony is officially dead. RIP.