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Remember, those dark times when energy companies were drafting the energy bill! Those dark Bush times are over now, right? RIGHT? Then why do we get a headline like this one?

Insurers announce health reform proposals

And could this explain why we couldn’t have Hillary?

The nation’s largest health insurance industry lobbying group announced a series of proposals for health reform this morning that they said would help achieve universal coverage, control costs and improve the quality of care.

and why Obama got the most of the pharma money?

Insurers oppose the creation of a Medicare-style public insurance option, which both President-elect Barack Obama and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus have proposed, which they believe will force private companies to compete with government on an uneven playing field. The insurers also do not support an employer mandate.

Because the only mandate they want is that everyone buys their services

Insurers would agree to stop denying coverage to people because of pre-existing conditions as long as all individuals were required by law to buy insurance. That would prevent people from only buying insurance when they need it and force younger and healthier people to share the cost of care for older and sicker people.

And Ted Kennedy who feels sharing NCLB credit with W is not stinky enough, is all over this:

But aides to US Senator Edward M. Kennedy, whose staff has been meeting with the insurers along with a broad array of health care advocates, employers and providers to develop a major health reform initiative for Congress to consider next year, was encouraged by the insurers’ presentation.

We know now why Hillary wasn’t allowed to touch the issue in the Senate. He was busy providing cover for yet other businesses at the expense of people

“There’s a spirit of optimism about our work to ensure quality, affordable health care for all Americans — and today’s announcement adds to that optimism,” said Kennedy spokesman Anthony Coley. “The insurance industry has advanced serious proposals that deserve serious analysis and consideration.”

I am sure they did, Ted. I am also sure it’s what Dick Cheney said in those closed meetings with the oil companies who drafted that bill Obama voted for.

I know one member of his family who will be happy with all this

asks a B0bot in response to Hispanics squirming under the bus, proving irony is dead.

And why should Obama have to name people based on their gender or race?

Lots of attacks on a woman and loyalty police beatings follow in the discussion, but this question takes the cake. Why indeed?

Let me count the ways: we have a candidate for whom the media had to invent a new word make believe he won a primary: “Clinching” (for those with short attention span, neither candidate got the required number of PLEDGED delegates, a brokered convention was supposed to follow the results, superdelegates have no business being counted in the primaries, before the convention)

We have an election where the word “racist” was used as an universal answer for criticism – no matter what area

We have an election called “historic” solely for skin deep novelty

This country history is replete with groups of immigrants willing to pull the draw bridge up once they made it. On an individual level, one has only to look at Clarence Thomas to understand it.

But this hypocrisy is now practiced on a massive scale, and not solely by the direct beneficiary: “he got his, you STFU”

Irony is officially dead. RIP.

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