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One thing is sure: whoever is pulling Obama’s strings is not his VP. Politico invented a word for this: “Bidentity crisis”

More than three weeks into the transition, and Vice-President elect Joe Biden generates less buzz than the non-existent first puppy.

I remember some of us were saying from the VP seeking days, Obama needs a self-effacing VP, someone who wouldn’t in any way steal his limelight. Whomever holds the leash, they would have to be deep behind the curtains as Obama’s ego is bigger, more fragile than W.

There is good news in this as well:

The vice presidential office’s role, which expanded tremendously during the Bush administration. Dick Cheney is viewed by many as the most powerful vice president in American history and as a chief architect of the war in Iraq.

The office’s role will likely shrink back to something closer to its usual size after Obama takes office.

Now, if I only would get a whiff about the POTUS office also going bask to the pre-“unitary executive ” role, I might see some change here.

So far, I only see that Jr.jr has an even bigger ego than Jr.

Of course, there’s another possibility: Joe Mark-my-words Biden could be already in his…undisclosed location


New article on it stressing checks and balances

The paper says that when Reid was asked whether Biden will be allowed to attend Senate Democratic caucus meetings, Reid said: β€œAbsolutely not.”

Good. Now about those POTUS eavesdropping powers and signing statements…

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