This reminds me of the incident on 9.11 with W in NYC: a little girl shows him the photograph of her father. They were about to post it on the missing person board as W was visiting. In a sudden act of “ME” inspiration, W takes the photo, scrawls his signature on it telling the girl that when they find her father she can tell him she met W. (They loved this so much they included in the W – hero of 9.11 movie)

So, now we have Jr. Jr in his Baba Wawa massage interview going through a similar moment

BARBARA WALTERS: You know, I don’t have to stress the fact that this is such a hard time for this country.  Do you have a Thanksgiving message that you would like to give to the people?

“The people”?  Wouldn’t “Americans” or perhaps “your fellow Americans” be customary?  And “give,” instead of “send” or “share”?  Maybe I’m being picky here, but have a look and tell me if it doesn’t almost come across as Walters inviting a monarch to bestow something on his huddled peons.

BARACK OBAMA: I want to remind people that, as tough as times are right now, and they’re a lot tougher for millions of people around the country than they are for Michelle and I  that, we have been through tough times before, and the extraordinary blessings of being an American, of having a nation that has a tradition of communities pulling together.  A country where somebody like myself, or somebody like Michelle, has a shot, no matter what the circumstances.

He is now free to indulge in the “I am the symbol” speech which he unveiled too early

“This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for. I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

I feel as if he is reading the stage directions from his character script, handed to him by the manufacturers. Like Poppy famously was doing in “message – I care”