Has anyone noticed how flawless the kabuki dance of the so call transfer of power between 2 parties is going?

Michelleloves Laura, W admires B0…No AF1 gate, office supply gate – or even responsibility for torture and war crimes? Nobody, not even the former “Impeach Bush”crowd is calling for accountability of Bushco anymore.

They are all busy with the perpetual enemy: the Clintons.

Sometimes in 2001 Bill Clinton was asked: “why do they hate you so much”?

“Because I won” he replied. “They thought themselves entitled to power and I took it away from them”

At the time I thought that ‘they” were the Republicans. Now that I see Cheney’s cousin feted by the same press that savaged Clinton, Gore and Kerry I realized that it’s not a matter of parties but one of class.

We have a ruling class that’s not necessarily confined to parties

Barack Hussein Obama, who many believe will become the 44th president, is kin to President George W. Bush, Senator Robert Byrd, Harry Truman and Dick Cheney. SOURCE

The Clintons were interlopers in this closed circle – and so was Palin. It’s why both were attacked by both parties and pundits – they were threatening the order of succession.

Anyone looking in the media of internet discourse thee ways will identify the same target of anymosity we’ve been used t for 16 years: the Clintons.

Bush startedΒ  2 unnecessary wars, tortured and flaunted laws? Who cares? It’s Vince Foster time yet again!

The veterans are at it again: Hitchens, Huffington, Tweety, Sullivan and their reinforcements from the left that Obama’s campaign created are back in action.

W managed to shift responsibility to Clinton for every thing he botched for years. Hos recession was even moved from March 2001 to March 2000 by the media and 9.11 was also Clinton’s responsibility. The unrest in the ME was Clinton’s fault – he raised expectations by trying to bring peace.

And I expect Hillary will get a lot of heat for everything going wrong in the world.

During his “bitter” remarks Obama identified W and Clinton as equal causes of the unhappiness of the people in PA.

But throughout the campaign, W’s name came out surprisingly little.

“Hillary is the anti-bush, Obama is the a-Bush”

said Bill Schneider giving the GOP the secret signal of how to inervene in the primaries at the time.

Hardly anyone is anti-Bush these days. I bought a large collection of anti-Bush buttons at a garage sale recently – “it was time to clear the deck”.

So, W gets off scotch free. And B0bots return to what they do best, joining the other side: