Strangely enough, Obama is now calling for

“cuts and sacrifices” the nation will need to make in the days ahead.

And it’s strange because the very rich were just reassured that they won’t have to give up anything any time soon – so who will make the sacrifices? The speech is vague enough and sounds more like PR effort to look better than W

President Bush has been criticized for not asking the American people to make specific sacrifices, and Obama suggested in remarks to reporters at a Chicago hotel that he will have some frank talk for tough times as part of what his team is calling a “reform agenda.”

So, if the rich are safe, who was he talking to?

Politico helps:

His remarks served as a reminder to supporters that he may not be able to grant all their wishes right away.

So, while the Bush base, the haves and the haves more has been reassured in advance that their wealth won’t be redistributed, Obama’s supporters are being told to wait. And it’s not anything new.

Will he be at odds with W besides the change of rhetoric on “sacrifices”? Not likely

Obama made it clear he will not undo any of the Bush administration’s bailouts. “These extraordinary stresses on our financial system require extraordinary policy responses. And my Administration will honor the public commitments made by the current Administration to address this crisis,” he said.

For no apparent reason, the article ends with this tidbit

Obama said he had spoken with Bush this morning.

All Righty then.