This  came  in an e-mail for the parents at my kid’s school.

It seems the teachers – who watched a candidate endorsing NCLB, merit pay and charter schools are somehow shocked by the names floated for Secretary of Education.

Teacher Activist Groups website has the text of the exceedingly humble petition against notorious privatizers. It starts with bended knee:

Today, we celebrate Barack Obama’s momentous election as President of the United States. We recognize it as a historic culmination of the centuries-long effort for dignity and justice, human and civil rights, and enfranchisement of the U.S. people, and we pay particular tribute to the African American freedom struggle, which played a decisive role in bringing the first Black man to the presidency.

It goes  on like this for several paragraphs. After the celebration, comes the humble request :

We strongly encourage the selection of someone dedicated to equity and the education of all children with a proven track record in these areas, such as Linda Darling-Hammond, a key member of Mr. Obama’s education team. We want a person who is a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable educator, not a corporate executive such as New York City’s Education Chancellor Joel Klein or Chicago CEO Arne Duncan, who have demonstrated their vision of privatized, corporatized, and anti-democratic schools.

As I remember, education as business is not something that is about to phase the free market advocate, the Ronald Reagan admirer that is Obama

Considering the strong arm measures some of their unions employed to affect the outcome of this election

I would feel this a karmic result. Too bad I happen to have a kid in school.