One of the few  campaign promises not yet retracted

Obama: I’ll end don’t-ask, don’t-tell

comes to flop:

Obama to delay repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

President-elect Barack Obama will not move for months, and perhaps not until 2010, to ask Congress to end the military’s decades-old ban on open homosexuals in the ranks, two people who have advised the Obama transition team on this issue say.

I am sure that Sam Nunn, Obama’s BFF must be a happy camper.

“I think 2009 is about foundation building and reaching consensus,” said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. The group supports military personnel targeted under the ban.

Mr. Sarvis told The Washington Times that he has held “informal discussions” with the Obama transition team on how the new president should proceed on the potentially explosive issue.

Voting “Present” seems to get harder and harder as one moves up. Seems more people pay attention:

Delaying the congressional vote a year would give the White House time for consultation, but it would also let ban proponents organize and possibly sway public opinion, as they did in 1993.

“Homosexual activists are overconfident because they have not yet seen a counterforce emerge as occurred in 1993,” said Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Media Institute at the Media Research Center, an organization that seeks to balance perceived liberal bias in mainstream news coverage.

So, don’t do today what you can do tomorrow. leave it for a day after tomorrow, it may not be needed after all…