I know, it’s little consolation, but I take what I can get. Like this Politico headline:

Cabinet post for Clinton roils Obamaland

Roiling that was long overdue…Of course, that means thatΒ  the lighting rod effect goes in use before she is even in. The most amusing part of the article is the talk of the “progressive supporters” being “roiled”.

You know, the ones who stayed silent when Obama voted FISA (and Hillary voted against). The ones who didn’t make a peep when Obama praised Blackwater . (Which Hillary wanted investigated). Those “progressives”. Like this guy:

“The specific policy area at issue seems to be one in which the two of them aren’t all that well-aligned,” wrote the liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias.

True. She wanted to end the war in Iraq – Obama – not so much. Posted Image

But the most interesting .art is the revelation of how Obama’s campaign directed the Clinton hatred. Not a revelation to me, but the first time in print

During the primary, top aides like David Plouffe and Robert Gibbs developed a particular distaste for all things Clinton, one that filtered down through the campaign. So the transition from viewing Hillary Clinton

And by “filtered down” read “was given as a task” to the B0bots.

Like the phony accusations of racism, we do know a lot of ugliness filtered down.

And while this article is written ambivalently,

we know there are heads exploding in the blogosphere. And no, I won’t go look for the debris. here’s the typical reaction from the article:

“I can’t stand her – but I think she’s a great choice,” said another Obama insider.

B0bots, bless their little dark hearts, are as easy to confuse as Kirk’s androids:

Me? before the Clintons get blamed for all the shit that goes on in the world (mark Biden’s words), I’ll watch this real life version of I Mudd.