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Last time I got to scream at them was during the DNC convention. I guess then, they thought the Clintons speeches made up for the farce of the roll call. Not to this voter.

Not sure what they thought now – not to have totally  taken me off the list. I didn’t make the effort to find out – I know they wanted money. They must be quite desperate to call people who screamed at them in the past.

The moment I heard “democratic” I started a Bwa-ha-ha laughter followed by: “you’re so calling the wrong person! It’s time you separate the old base from the “new base” the one that showed up a full one percent more on election day. I am old, poor and according to you “low information”. So, I am under the bus. You left me behind and I don’t want you either – as you now steal elections like the other guys.”

And then I hung up.

I remember a year before the presidential race started, both New York Times and  Washington Post had well placed articles warning that if Hillary should run, the private life of the couple would be fair game.

What I didn’t know at the time was that unknown Obama was on its way to quietly raise 100 million from Bush pioneers…

The latest rumors about Hillary’s offer to be SOS are started to shape the same way, proving Riverdaughter right

  1. The issues that she was planning to champion in the Senate are officially DOA.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I think we have a winner in item 4.  If she is no longer in the Senate making noise and legislation, he has no competition for the limelight.

If she is SOS, the minute she steps out of line, her ass is glass and he tosses her out.  The media is just waiting for her to screw up so they can stick her with the knives they are already sharpening in gleeful anticipation.

And part of that sharpening is now directed at Bill Clinton, the racist purveyor of slurs such as “fairy tale” who campaigned his heart out for Obama. They are after his “vetting” (because anyone non-Obama needs that, remember?)

It started with Times UK – via Insight Analitical

Hillary Clinton will face awkward questions about her husband’s financial ties with Arab sheikhs and Central Asian oligarchs if Barack Obama nominates her as Secretary of State.


Republican strategists are dusting off plans to expose Mr Clinton’s financial ties, which they will argue represent a serious conflict of interest for his wife as the country’s top diplomat.

And, the predictable New York Times immediately followed, proving fast enough that it’s hardly just “Republican strategists”

It was unclear whether the review extended beyond publicly available records or whether Mr. Clinton had opened his private records. But he has powerful incentive to do so. “For the first time in 16 years,” one Democratic adviser said, “he has to cooperate with someone else since it has become clear she wants the job.”

The article follows the usual schizophrenic NY Times style – – a hot one, a cold one, and eventually repeats everything Times UK  mucked up and ads one donor of their own

No donor to the Clinton foundation has raised more persistent questions than Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining executive. Mr. Clinton and Mr. Giustra shared a midnight banquet in September 2005 with Kazakhstan’s authoritarian president, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev.

So, whatever happens to that elusive offer that would potentially knock Hillary off her elected position, the press is back in the old stomping grounds: bashing the Clintons. Which of course, is  win-win for Obama whose dubious campaign donations will never be looked into.


And what would NYT attacking the Clintons be without the MoDo  drooling  rabbid bite?

If Barry chooses Hillary as secretary of state, a woman who clearly intimidated him and taught him to be a better pol in the primaries, it doesn’t signal the return of the Clinton era. It says the opposite: If you have a president who’s willing to open up his universe to other smart, strong people, if you have a big dog who shares his food dish, the Bill Clinton era is truly over.

She trully wants the chance to keep chomping at her favorite bait. If anyone has any doubt about the  good of his idea, read MoDo and run the other way, like we always do.


Glad to see Digby has a post along the same lines as mine

I heard someone on the radio yesterday talking about it as if she should be fired for the corruption in the State Department of the past few years (Blackwater etc.) Seriously.

I actually think Obama may be picking her for this purpose. She can absorb all the looney criticism from the right and the Village and he can go about his business above the fray.

I have yet to figure yet what that business might be, but hey, if it benefits Obama, CDS is yummy….

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