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After having been a contributor to the creation of many of them, Washington Post has Chirs Cilliza taking down some of the myths now. First the little Ghostbusters-like nifty introduction

The 2008 presidential election ended less than two weeks ago, but the mythmaking machine has already begun to churn. President-elect Barack Obama transformed the face of the electorate! The Republican Party will be a miserable minority in Congress for the next century! Cats and dogs are now living together! Below we explode the five biggest myths that have already sprung up around the election that was.

So, here’s my choice from his myths

2. A wave of black voters and young people was the key to Obama’s victory.

I thought they gave up on that one since

Or not. Exit polling suggests that there was no statistically significant increase in voting among either group. Black voters made up 11 percent of the electorate in 2004 and 13 percent in 2008, while young voters comprised 17 percent of all voters in 2004 and 18 percent four years later.

So, the “new base”  of the Democratic party- 3 % all together. Talk about “transformation” (and they will, anyway)

Another interesting myth – that to some of us was belied by the candidate himself

3. Now that they control the White House and Congress, Democrats will usher in a new progressive era.

It seems that the type of new congress critters, class of 2008 will reinforce the status quo. Of course, it is my feeling that this article yries to blame congress for Obama’s voting “Present” on things

And then, one my favorite ones to bust, because it involves beating up on a woman

5. McCain made a huge mistake in picking Sarah Palin.

Apparently it was just the opposite

In fact, of the 60 percent of voters who told exit pollsters that McCain’s choice of Palin was a “factor” in their final decision, the Arizona senator won 56 percent to 43 percent.

And it gives me the chance to complete the explanation with the explanation of it all

Those numbers speak to the damage that eight years of the Bush administration have done to the Republican brand. It’s a burden that any candidate running for president with an “R” after his — or her — name would have had to drag around the country.

It was this and no “new base” for Obama or the evil Palin that detemined the outcome – plus some deals with the fundies and proposition 8 that were not mentioned here – especially in the “not so fast with the progressive” part.

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