After endorsing Obama in the wake of his “women when they have the blues, get 3rd trimester abortions”, Kim Gandy wonders

Will men dominate Obama administration?

Oh, noes! What could have given her that idea?

“There’s definitely been a reaction to the few groups that have been named so far,” said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. “I agree with those who are concerned that it would have been nice to see more women.”

I see they even asked true women representatives for this though, and gotten good answers:

“It’s appropriate that Obama’s vetting Clinton, but she’s one women,” said Amy Siskind, co-founder of The New Agenda, a nonpartisan women rights’ group founded by former Clinton supporters. “We want to see parity in the representation of women in the Cabinet.”

Funny NOW should notice

The early teams released by the Obama administration have tended to be male-dominated. On Wednesday, four women and eight men were named to Obama’s transition advisory board. His agency review team is headed by seven women and thirteen men. And last week, Obama met with his key economic advisers — four women and 13 men.

And now we know why Amy Sisking was asked that particular question –

Appointing Clinton secretary of state could give Obama maneuvering room with female supporters when making other top-level picks.Women’s rights groups have urged the administration to reach beyond the standard bold-faced Washington names.

Not even close boys. This is the year of the Penis and we know it!  But I will hang now t this qote for that magic time where the 3 AM texting comes for a Penis American as SOS