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After Sarah Palin rigtfuly derided the blogger boyz who fabricated the “who’s your mama, baby Trig” outrageous slander, Rachel Maddow felt so hurt, she needed to perform a stunt to show her solidarity with the slanderers.

Think Progress proudly reports, video and all how brave and witty Rachel wore pajama pants and bunny sleepersΒ  during her show, as “she s a blogger too”

Sorry, Rachel, I am a blogger and I don’t acknowledge you as part of my team.

I know, I know, you only identify with those who create an echo chamber with the teevee where only the medium distinguishes you. The tone, the credibility, the seriousness is the same. So, wearing pajamas on TV would indeed say something about you: hey, look at me! I am as responsible for what I report as those anonymous guys who make up stories…

It used to be that for a news story to play on TV,tow independent sources were required. Now, MSNBC/Kos campaign headquarters traded stories so fast that we didn’t know who was the source and who was the PR anymore.

So, maybe trading pajamas is appropriate. You can lave your TV clothes as home, next to your credibility. And BTW, how’s Proposition 8 sitting with you, blogger Rachel? Nice under that bus, huh?

More on the bloggers that make Maddow so proud

If the glass ceiling is more intact than ever, thank infotainment news bimbos like Katie Couric for that!

Their contribution to the Year of the Penis has been memorable enough, but she wants to make sure that the stench lingers on.

Revealing her real, personal intentions in her edited, propaganda interview Couric had this jarringly smug and patronizing comment:

“I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing.”

After which, surrealistically, she tried to appear humble by saying

But I’m not anyone to give advice to anyone about anything,”

And where did she make those profound statements? To Glamour Magazine – one publication that replaced the news reporters kicked off the Obama campaign plane because their newspapers endorsed the other side. In other words, an accepted source for news in this day and age.

So, let me get this straight – Couric, ho aired her colonoscopy on National Television wants Governor Palin to keep her head down? How about her colon, Catie? Would that be OK to be up? because, Katie, she was a Governor when you were showing America your colon, dear. Maybe not as famous as your colon, but beloved and successful.

The even more outrageous statement from the owner of that famous colon was the advice that Sarah

work really hard and learn about governing.

Yes, Katie, I understand that being a celebrity makes you a better person than everybody else less famous than you.Β  Because, duh, fame? Would there be homework, Katie? Would there be periodical tests where you would assess how much she improved or if she worked hard enough to avoid your scorn? The trekie in me just imagined your fantasy response from Palin:

“Yes, Captain Couric…I will learn. I will watch the lights in the sky…I’ll remember…

Of course, while she may be Kirk in her imagination, she has behaved exactly like the gamesters, using some candidates as well as the voters as play things (that’s for you, trekkies reading this)

Here’s another attempt at appearing humble from the woman who asked that Palin not be refered as Governor:

“I was really just a conduit that allowed her to air her views,” she said. “I don’t want to judge. I’ll let the voters do that.”

No kidding! So, maybe voters could have seen uneditted interviews? From both candidates? Same questions maybe? For boy candidates as for girls? But then again, how mny girls should be up there, in celebrity land? getting crowded up there – you HAD to protect your place, non?

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