As usual the blogosphere is a good canary in the coal mine for what will happen.

BTD at Talk Left is raging against “The Cult”

I am not going to go through the TalkLeft archives and dig up where BTD gravely intones that Obama can not win the white vote, can not win the Jewish vote, can not win the Hispanic vote, and on and on.snip

I will not dig up the polling data that he consistently misread and always curiously interpreted as showing a need for Hillary on the ticket.

TheΒ  point he’s trying to make is that they accuse him without proof. The point I take is that he is being purged for not being for Obama SINCE DAY ONE.

In the dictatorship I lived in, this was called “having a bad file”. It meant that regardless of you you were or what you were doing, something in the past was canceling anything good in the present. It could have been that your parents were intellectuals rather than working class or someone in your family tree owned property.

BTD has a bad file. As someone who has had my account at Talk Left closedΒ  – twice – with no explanation, I am watching this as somewhat karmic, if scary.