And, no, I never got the sense in that “Love Story” tag line either – so maybe the original Politico headline will help

Obama faces less pressure for diverse Cabinet

And it starts with the Clinton quote

In 1992, Bill Clinton famously promised to appoint a Cabinet that “looks like America.” He followed through, tapping women and minorities for high-ranking positions and overseeing an administration more diverse than any that had come before it. President Bush continued this tradition, appointing two African-Americans to his national security/foreign policy team.

Now, when he talked of a cabinet that looks like America, Clinton didn’t just mean color. But this article  does:

“He will assemble a Cabinet that I think reflects a modern-day array of talent,” said Rep. Artur Davis, the Alabama Democrat who endorsed Obama early in the primary. “I don’t think he has any special obligation to play the quota game to have so many blacks and so many whites.”

Oh, but he will aim for some sort of diversity. Not you, vagina Americans – you were told to get back in  the kitchen and be quiet already!

We’re working now on that “post-partisan” era

“If you’re going to do diversity, put some significance on party diversity,” Espy said, noting that the new president could keep Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the Pentagon or tap Colin Powell for a high-ranking post and help himself with those Americans whose votes he didn’t receive.

Transition chief John Podesta said Tuesday that Obama would look hard at making non-Democratic appointments. Obama will make more than “token-level” appointments of Republicans and independents, Podesta said.

I am sure Code  Pink and the anti-war supporters will appreciate Robert Gates staying, I know I do.

And there’s fun in this article too:

Asked if Obama needed to pick some high-ranking white figures to reassure the many white voters who opposed him, Slater laughed and offered: “You mean like Joe the Plumber?”

And even a reference to women:

For example, he noted that Obama had shrewdly picked Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to stand at his side at last week’s news conference. Yes, she’s a white woman but she also represents the country’s hard-hit automaking state.

Posted Image

“That’s him saying that ‘this manufacturing economy is important to me,’” Slater observed.

See?  There has to be a “but” after “white woman” – because – why have one of them? And also mind: she was not given any power position. She needs to be explained away for the mere privilege of “standing at his side”

There are cures against being a white woman! Also, when thinking “Roe vs Wade is secure” remember this artcle and the expression “It took Nixon to go to China”