Here comes the test

Code Pink which has been keeping remarkably quiet so far through flips and flops is making itself heard

Arms control advocates and anti-war activists are ratcheting up pressure on President-elect Barack Obama to dump Defense Secretary Robert Gates and replace him with a more strident anti-war voice.

Nominating Gates to stay, “would be a violation of the mandate for change that Obama says he represents,” said Medea Benjamin, cofounder of the anti-war group CodePink.

Strangely enough they push for Chuck Hagel. Not a good idea in my book.

As for Gates,

Gates exacerbated the opposition to his retention with a recent speech at the Carnegie Foundation in which he staked out a position that made it hard for arms control advocates to back the notion of keeping him around.

st year pulled funding from studies to create a Reliable Replacement Warhead program, which would reduce and replace aging nuclear warheads in the nation’s arsenal. During the speech, Gates said the cut was misguided.

“The reason, I believe, lies in a deep-seated and quite justifiable aversion to nuclear weapons, in doing anything that might be perceived as lowering the threshold for using them or as creating new nuclear capabilities,” Gates said. “Let me be clear: The program we propose is not about new capabilities – suitcase bombs or bunker busters or tactical nukes. It is about safety, security and reliability.”

I don’t remember Obama opposing nuclear weapons during his campaign. I’ll be watching this one with interest.
Not sure who made this remark quoted in the truth, but it’s certainly someone who takes narrative for fact

“The only reason Barack Obama is president today, the main reason Obama is president-elect, is because of his opposition to the war in Iraq,”

No, silly. That was the primary narrative. Then Florida and Michigan were punished, ACORN,caucus fraud, the media and 600 million…But yeah, the anti-war mantle brought many in the kool-aid room. I gave him serious consideration myself until I got the facts.

of course, code Pink should take some cues from the Lieberman Affair

bama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus

President-elect Barack Obama has informed party officials that he wants Joe Lieberman to continue caucusing with the Democrats in the 111th Congress, Senate aides tell the Huffington Post.

Obama’s decision could tie the hands of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has been negotiating to remove Lieberman as chair of the Homeland Security and Government Reform committee while keeping him within the caucus. Lieberman has insisted that he will split from the Democrats if his homeland security position is stripped.

For those forgetting, the anti-war voters were defeated by a DNC/RNC coalition which worked together to keep Lieberman in the senate in 2006. With a base like this, Lieberman’s support for McCain is less of a sin than say, John Lewis support for Hillary Clinton. So, while John Lewis had to face an opponent in his primary hor his belated loyalty, Joe Lieberman will skate after campaigning for McCain. Uncle Dick would want that.