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Washington Post which recently made a partial mea culpa for bias takes on the NY Post original report of the latest Hillary humiliation – piling on some more, adding to Ted Kennedy’s spokesman’s “MINES”

some anonymous democrats fresh insults:

Democratic sources close to the health committee saw Clinton’s entreaty to chair her own subcommittee as an attempt to hijack health care policy, an issue dear to Kennedy’s heart and one he has championed for decades.

She won’t get a subcommittee chairmanship as a consolation prize for losing the Democratic presidential race, they say.

“No one here gets preference because they ran for President,” one senior Democratic aide tells the Sleuth, adding, “Sixteen current senators – six on the HELP Committee alone! – have run for President.”

Interesting choice of words here too

Her hope was to draft the legislation that would fulfill her presidential campaign promise – and President-elect Barack Obama’s – for a sweeping health care overhaul plan.

Last I checked, they were very different, and even more recently, Obama said there’s no money for it anyway

I suppose singlehandedly delivering Florida and Pa was just her duty for the One. And her 18 million voters don’t count anymore. She converted most, plus women belong in the kitchen in the Year of the Penis.

I am curious whom they’ll fund to run against her for the senate.


From Alegre’s Corner re: Kennedy’s health care

Sharyn caught Ted Kennedy’s op-ed in the WaPo today before it floated away from all the hot air contained therein. He dislocates his shoulder patting himself on the back for passing mental health parity passing (it excludes small businesses and has other loopholes – thanks a lot, Ted), brags about the Massachusetts system, which is THE example of a half-hearted system that leave big insurance and big health care in charge, and then mouths watered-down versions of Obama’s watered-down campaign promise platitudes. THIS is leadership?