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Even since Murdoch bought AP, their style and credibility became tabloidish.

In this election cycle, AP was Murdoch’s main outlet of holdining his promised agreement with the Obama campaign (Fox, NY Post ans Wall Street journal would have to appear more ambiguous in their shilling – or as he likes to say “fair and balanced”.

But AP, which feeds news to most major newspapers in the country, went all out.

There re several memorable lies:

The last primary in Puerto Rico was expected to go to Hillary and also to put her over the top in the popular vote. So, in order to create voter supppression, AP falsely announced not once, but 3 times that day that Hillary dropped out.

After the VP debate, AP scrubbed its own realistic account about Palin’s victory wish a propagandistic storry shilling for Obama.

They also blackmailed McCain that they would paint him as a racist if he dares bring out Ayres.

And now, after the election, when Obama’s collusion with the fundies was made obvious by the passing of Proposition 8, AP is trying to  fudge the facts.

They mix in some true facts

Leaders of the successful Proposition 8 campaign say an unusual coalition of evangelical Christians, Mormons and Roman Catholics built a majority at the polls Tuesday by harnessing the organizational muscle of churches to a mainstream message about what school children might be taught about gay relationships if the ban failed.

gloss over others

Mormons make up less than 2 percent of the California population with a religious preference,

bury the lede

Exit polls showed 70 percent of blacks supported the ban, a far higher percentage than any other race.

and go out of their way to insulate Obama from any responsibility

During his campaign for the White House, Obama pledged to work for repeal of the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents the federal government from affording Social Security and other benefits to same-sex couples. He also vowed to reverse the Defense Department policy that prevents openly gay people from serving in the military.

I personally don’t remember those promises, but I’ll be sure to keep them in mind now.

And here’s what the AP article did miss:

Exit numbers suggest the fundies stayed home election Day

The Obama campaign allowed Obama’s voice to be used in robocalls saying Obama opposed gay marriage.

B0bots were not told to vote against it. They did vote for a proposition taking care of chickens. left the gays out – as price for the Christian right staying home.

So, nice try misdirections AP. The Mormons may have raised 36 million, but Obama’s 600 million could have easily wiped that out, had not the agreement been in place.

As Garry says – now morons are protesting Mormons…

Politico allows a bit of truth to peek in

One of the few notable losses for the left on Tuesday came in California, where Proposition 8, which “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry,” passed by a bit more than three percentage points, even as — or perhaps because — Barack Obama won the state by a whopping 24 points.
Fallout over the apparent black-gay split within the Democratic coalition has been fierce, with Dan Savage claiming black homophobia, reports of racial slurs and abuse directed at blacks at a marriage equality rally on Thursday,  and Andrew Sullivan, among others, calling for calm.

Wait, Andrew Sullivan calling for calm?

And who’s gonna monitor baby Trig sonogram now????

And a heavily ironical closing

It’s one early sign of the diverse and sometimes divergent interests of members of the party base Obama will have to choose amongst and navigate between as president.

Will have to? You mean, what happened in November didn’t give anyone an inkling of a choice already made????