At the Confluence, myiq2xu, isolated the money quote from Newsweek’s “Now it can be told” nasty trick on voters:

“Curiously, though Obama drove his rivals mad by receiving reams of mostly friendly publicity, he was not well liked by reporters, many of whom found him chilly and guarded. He was more popular with editors, who regarded him as a phenomenon.

This is not such a shock to those of us who read that Keith Olberman was originally a Hillary supporter until given his marching orders. Also, as an Air America listener I remember when Randi Rhodes was an ardent supporter, before calling Hillary and Ferraro f*ing whores.

I am even old enough to remember a time when “journalist” was not a joke but actually a good thing to be

Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if some day editors also come out with their own confession:

“We hated his guts too, but directive came from upstairs…

OK, maybe they won’t confess, but this is the truth.

It took over a decade of unhinged attacks on Clinton and swooning over W and his wars and only very recently did the “liberal media” moniker been to obviously ridiculous to be used anymore.

Now, Obama’s critics from the right have picked it again, as if nothing happened and it drives me nuts!

I remember this argument having been used by the right: most reporters are liberal, therefore so is the media. That’ why I  love this quote. It’s the fastest way to refute that theory.

And it’s the clear proof that the fix for Obama was in, no matter who the opponent –  so you may stop looking for McCain’s or Hillary’s mistakes. There was only one clear mistake they all made: they weren’t Obama.

And does anyone think that this article means we’ll get honest coverage  from now on?

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Dream on!  I too dreamed that once the general election is starting the media will turn on him.

Nah. It’s puppy questions from now on. And Obama’s darkest moment? Having to apologize to Nancy Reagan. After all, he is the rightful heir (like W once was)

Adding WaPo’s mea culpa (which leaves out their anti-Hillary bias)