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graphic from Moo

and indulges in attacking…Hillary:

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign provided the script, which included guilt by association, demonization of people Obama knew (or might have known), creepy questions about his background and dark hints about hidden secrets yet to be uncovered.

Nevermind that other than answering a question in a debate, Hillary never even brought him up.

Then  he attacks Palin

When Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin got hold of it, the attack went viral. At a now-famous Oct. 4 rally, she said Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists.” (I pictured us sharing a milkshake with two straws.)

complete with the Secret service debunked lie

The crowd began chanting, “Kill him!” “Kill him!” It was downhill from there.

And then there’s so much irony, my head may explode

We might find hope in the growth of opposition to war and occupation worldwide. Or we might be inspired by the growing movements for reparations and prison abolition, or the rising immigrant rights movement and the stirrings of working people everywhere, or by gay and lesbian and transgender people courageously pressing for full recognition.

If you say so, Bill. Only your pal got the working class marginalized from the democratic party and the gays discriminated in 3 states, so, as usual, your “hopes” become other people’s suffering

Updating this with a great summary from Boston Boomer at the Confluence

Good old Bill Ayers. Now that Barack Obama is President Elect, Ayers has decided to tell his sad story of victimization. Oh, he is so tortured and put upon. Poor Bill. He and a bunch of his wealthy, entitled friends managed to destroy Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in no time at all by creating the Weatherman group and advocating the violent overthrow of the federal government. They ruined the reputation of the peace movement too. Lots of people back then assumed the Weathermen were CIA infiltrators. Bill Ayers never spent a day in jail, and now he’s a tenured professor. In fact lots of the ex-weathermen are professors, and they’re all pretty wealthy. They aren’t exactly living up to their socialist ideals, are they?

and Cannon has a great entry as well

Many ’60s student radicals will tell you that the perpetual game of spot-the-spook helped to cripple any attempt to get things done.


So how do you spot the spook? Look for three factors:

1. Infiltrators push for violent and illegal action.
2. They rarely or never serve time, even though everyone around them seems to get busted.
3. They somehow have plenty of cash.

Once again, like in this banner moment the zeigeist is so perfectly captured:

I couldn’t resist posting this.

For those who don’t know it: Chris Mathews was called Tweety by his  own staff – because his shade of hair die at the time. This came out when Media Whores on Line was initiating a contest for a nickname. It so happened that the existing one won hands down.

Here he is, after all that celebrating of an outcome – we now find, he didn’t really want

But here’s the text coming with the image

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Yeah, well, you know what? I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work, and I think that —

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Is that your job? You just talked about being a journalist!

MATTHEWS: Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country.

Matthews wasn’t done with his odd new job description . . . An incredulous Scarborough kept pressing, astonished at such a complete 180 from Matthews’s repeated insistence during the Bush presidency that he had to hold the government accountable.

Why not? They made him, they’ll make  seem it works. Of course, on that holding the Bush administration accountable – I’ll take a big pass…Anyone forgot his orgasm over Bush’s crotch during the Mission accomplished photo op?

Of course, I have another explanation for his confusion: it appears that in his mind Tweety is still the press secretary that those vile, treacherous, monstrous, mean, mean, mean, unforgivable Clintons denied him. And he’ll get them for it too!

At the Confluence, myiq2xu, isolated the money quote from Newsweek’s “Now it can be told” nasty trick on voters:

“Curiously, though Obama drove his rivals mad by receiving reams of mostly friendly publicity, he was not well liked by reporters, many of whom found him chilly and guarded. He was more popular with editors, who regarded him as a phenomenon.

This is not such a shock to those of us who read that Keith Olberman was originally a Hillary supporter until given his marching orders. Also, as an Air America listener I remember when Randi Rhodes was an ardent supporter, before calling Hillary and Ferraro f*ing whores.

I am even old enough to remember a time when “journalist” was not a joke but actually a good thing to be

Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if some day editors also come out with their own confession:

“We hated his guts too, but directive came from upstairs…

OK, maybe they won’t confess, but this is the truth.

It took over a decade of unhinged attacks on Clinton and swooning over W and his wars and only very recently did the “liberal media” moniker been to obviously ridiculous to be used anymore.

Now, Obama’s critics from the right have picked it again, as if nothing happened and it drives me nuts!

I remember this argument having been used by the right: most reporters are liberal, therefore so is the media. That’ why I  love this quote. It’s the fastest way to refute that theory.

And it’s the clear proof that the fix for Obama was in, no matter who the opponent –  so you may stop looking for McCain’s or Hillary’s mistakes. There was only one clear mistake they all made: they weren’t Obama.

And does anyone think that this article means we’ll get honest coverage  from now on?

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Dream on!  I too dreamed that once the general election is starting the media will turn on him.

Nah. It’s puppy questions from now on. And Obama’s darkest moment? Having to apologize to Nancy Reagan. After all, he is the rightful heir (like W once was)

Adding WaPo’s mea culpa (which leaves out their anti-Hillary bias)

Wright is still in the limelight and he is complaining:

Barack Obama’s former pastor complained Thursday that the media used him as a “weapon of mass destruction” in an attempt to derail Obama’s campaign for the presidency.

Oh, the humanity! The man who booked the National   Press Club, Larry King, Bill Moyers was actually used?

I personally only remember the media trying to  pour cintext on this by attacking Wright for damaging Obama’s chances and them swooning over the bestest ever speech on race.

At least this article puts some facts back into sequence that  were completeky thrown into the memory hole

In an impassioned speech about faith and race, the Democrat at first expressed support for Wright, saying that “I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother.”

But six weeks later during a speech at the National Press Club, Wright offered eyebrow-raising opinions about the U.S. government, praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and hinted that Obama was distancing himself from the pastor for political expediency.

Yup. I remembernow why the bestest speech ever on race never gets quoted, but McCain was openly blackmailed by the press into not bringing up Wright which Obama called  ” a legitimate issue”

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