It’s what a bewildered Bush was saying to a Scandinavian diplomat shortly after the theft 2000.

An epic novel could be written on what was wrong with this statement, but  that  is  not my point.

My point was that  the media made that believable. And acceptable. And this is not a rant on the media either.

It’s mostly about marketing. If this election proved anything is that the right amount of money sells anything to just about everyone.

For instance, gays who made fun of Log Cabin Republicans voted for a homophobic candidate who tacitly encouraged Proposition 8. (A little told you so for the savvy ones)

Jews voted for a candidate whose real intentions on Israel were once revealed by  Jesse Jackson and the other by  LA Times by sitting  on a revealing tape.

Women voted  for a candidate who calls them sweeties and think they get third trimester abortions when they get the blues. They didn’t just voted but enthusiastically joined in the wave of misogyny that powered this campaign. They happily called other women cunts and bitches for seeking public office and threatened rape and violence on them.

So, why wouldn’t W believe that he won against peace and prosperity?

And since irony is a big part of this entry, one other thought: I am not at all sorry Republicans lost. But I do find it ironical that the one who ended up paying for the sins of W was the one who championed the campaign finance reform. And that he  lost to someone who raised 600.000,000 – some of it in prepaid credit cards.