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600 million simply doesn’t get you what it used to anymore!

via Gretawire, from Indianopolis

ndianapolis – Lines were long and tempers flared Wednesday not to vote but to get paid for canvassing for Barack Obama. Several hundred people are still waiting to get their pay for last-minute campaigning. Police were called to the Obama campaign office on North Meridian Street downtown to control the crowd….

Which is interesting considering the boast of all volunteer GOTV

as in this money raising letter from the campaign

For the first time in recent history, the Democratic candidate for
President is not using paid phonebanks to get out the vote in
battleground states

Oops! maybe not.

The other interesting information from the article is that the campaign was not paying in cash, not even chacks but”’prepaid credit cards?

A former spokesman for the Obama campaign said 375 people were hired as part of the Vote Corps program and said people signed up to work three-hour shifts at a time. Three hours of canvassing got workers a $30 pre-paid Visa card.

Gee, where were the good ol’ times when they used unmarked bills? Kinda speaks for the legitimacy of the campaign funds, doesn’t it?

Anyway, kids, good luck with this one.

Updated with video

Ironic T-shirt, non?

The so called forth estate rolled over us once again.

While some still think they accomplished some sort of revolution this election, when they’ll take a deeper look at the media, they may figure out that they’ve been had.

Riverdaughter writes of it this morning

JSND nurtured the new blogosphere – which needs to keep telling the truth.

PUMA pac’s alerts during the campaign were in great part zeroing on the media, and so did JSND;s Daily Dose. So, we did have our own, battle forged rapid response actions.

We now need to gel that effort into one organization, the way David Brock built Media Metters (which was a force for good until the money behimd it turned it into a campaign weapon)

So, just as the New Agenda is our new NOW/NARAL/PP, we need a new media watch dog center – which, as in the past will work in conjunction with our blogosphere.

As Cannon says

Result: We may enter a period in which the only interesting writing will appear on the PUMA blogs.

So, between watching it and being it, let’s get to work.

Here’s another look at the final results numbers, as compared with 2004
411,304 Nader

63,507,800 – Obama
56,151,859 – McCain

Youth voters only ^ 1%
AA voters ^ 2%

Democrat (39%) 89% supported Obama
Republican (32%) 90% supported McCain
Independent (29%) 52%Obama / 44% McCain
Democrat (37%) 89% supported Kerry
Republican (37%) 93% supported Bush
Independent (26%) 48% Kerry/49% McCain

Also 84% of Hillary’s supporters, leaving 14% PUMAs (2.9 million) (corrected)

If you look at the numbers, for all the vaunted “new base” “new voters” – there’s only 3 million more votes than Kerry did – and that’s adding independents.

The ACORN advantage is probably responsible for a good chunk of it, if you think of the 100,000 of Georgians found to have voted in Ohio and Florida as well, or the 200,000 phony registrations that SCOTUS intervened to wave through in Ohio only. That accounts already for 10% of the “new voters” – and I only used 2 news stories.

The big story here is the Christian right.

While ostensibly, the Saddleback debate put McCain on top and no one showed up at Obama’s Values tour, it is clear to me that deals were made behind closed doors.

The anecdote about the Bush voter who stayed home because this time his pastor didn’t tell him to go is even more significant if one considers the passage of proposition 8 in California.

The Obama campaign allowed Obama’s voice to be used in robocalls saying Obama opposed gay marriage.

B0bots were not told to vote against it. They did vote for a proposition taking care of chickens. left the gays out – as price for the Christian right staying home.

During the primary, Bush’s spiritual adviser endorsed Obama. Said he told Bush about it and agreed. Bush in turn added: He (Obama) is a good man.

Look at the numbers again: PUMAs voting McCain might have overcame the – REAL – new voters.

The real difference in numbers is the nearly 6 million Bush voters whose ministers didn’t tell to go out and vote. The result of a back door deal.

Look at Obama winking and promising them money

Reaching out to evangelical voters, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is announcing plans that would expand President Bush’s program steering federal social service dollars to religious groups and — in a move sure to cause controversy — support their ability to hire and fire based on faith.

And I cannot help myself from posting that joke too

Comedy writer Patrick Gorse: “Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that he supports federally funded faith-based initiatives. This is kind of self-serving when you consider that supporting a one-term Senator for president is itself a faith-based initiative.”

We already know the gays paid part of the price. I am waiting to see how women will pay the balance.

This is after all, the Year of the Penis.


A confirmation

Leaders of the successful Proposition 8 campaign say an unusual coalition of evangelical Christians, Mormons and Roman Catholics built a majority at the polls Tuesday by harnessing the organizational muscle of churches to a mainstream message about what school children might be taught about gay relationships if the ban failed.

yeah, but this still doesn’t explain why in california, where Obama won by 20 points proposition 8 was defeated. Of course, one may remember the 2004 narrative: “Bush won thanks to Blacks coming out to vote against gay rights”. I guess there was a different goal, different lies to justificate then.

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