David Cowles

Over, at the Confluence , Riverdaughter has the graciousness to consider the much vaunted skin deep historical moment of having a different pigmentation POTUS.

I cannot say “We have overcame”.  Starting with the “we” part – and no, I am not excluding myself as a PUMA from this. I am excluding everyone who thinks this was the result of a fight or a good faith effort.

Sorry if I think it was a deliberate bait and switch from the oligarchy to appease the natives before becoming restless.

You may remember that in 2000 Blacks were the only ones acknowledged as angry about the theft. It’ s when Karl Rove befriended Donna Brazile.

I know because I wrote of it here, long before I knew the name “Obama”

The post was Bush’s imperial historian” and while I cannot access the TNR article the relevant quote is there:

“Roberts advises Bush to embrace the idea of the United States as a civilizing empire ruling the world: the white man’s burden in the White House. Pigmentation–the old basis for dominance–is now discredited, so he has politely switched to linguistics.”

The little bait and switch occurred then and there and Andrew Roberts has inspired lots of good writing

Here’s one pertinent analysis

As a historian, Roberts is present-minded in the extreme, returning at every stage of his narrative to justifications for Bush’s actions in Iraq.

“Although the ill-treatment of the Black American has long been held to represent an indelible blot on the escutcheon of the English-speaking peoples … ” begins the section on the civil rights movement.

So, I won’t be celebrating this little switch from color to linguistics. The imperial concept is the same. Blackwater got a bad rap, remember?

And proposition 8 passed in California – unlike Donna, I think those are civil rights

So, the moment is about as revolutionary as getting Clarence Thomas in the SCOTUS (thanks, invisible Biden). It’s as much due to the people’s will as is Joe Lieberman’s re-election to the senate  2 years ago.

Been thinking a lot about Lieberman’s election lately. Why? It was the first salvo of the “post partisan era” Remember? The voters wanted an anti-war candidate, but RNC and DNC joined hands together, Dick Cheney and Barbara Boxer campaigned for the same man.

How well did this work out, I wonder?

And how can I not think of Lieberman when I see the likes of Ken “cakewalk” Adelman and Michael Moore join in the same project?

So, no , we didn’t overcome. We were overcame.

One more thing: what the dark power did here, reminds me of what went on in the old country, under the proletariat dictatorship rule.

There used to be something called “reorganization”. An administrative switcheroo where everyone’s job and title was switched around and no one was sure which side was up anymore. Like everything there, it came with it’s own jokes.

In this one, a man is periodically swinging a huge canvas bag he is carrying. A passer by asks him what was he doing.

“You see, I have this bag of rats. And I noticed that now and then, they try to chew through the bag. So, now and then, I swing the bag around – get them too dizzy to try. I call this – reorganization”

Well, at least no one called it progress, change or hope.

a comment I also embrace