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In the previous post I talked about the ideological shift that led the dark forces to go for a different pigmentation in their front man.

Let’s see how it was done.

Some throw in our face that we PUMA have not been enough to make a difference. I almost bought that, until I saw these numbers: 65 million Republicans voted for an utterly failed incumbent in 2004. Only 55 million bothered to show up for a far better choice this year.

Why? the pundits told them so.

I admit, I didn’t catch up to it in the beginning. I thought the media is massaging Obama just as their way to pick the loser from the democratic primary as they’ve been doing for the past elections.

AEI alumnus Bill Schneider was saying on Saudi owned CNN:

Hillary is the anti-Bush. Obama is the a-Bush.

It was clear enough, just as it was the early hounding of McCain to the point where he blew the whole media away. I thought it was very funny then, missing the important cue.

Yesterday, while collecting anecdotes, there was one that sent chills up my spine and gave me an inkling of what will follow.

Someone recounted that a Republican she knew didn’t vote this time. he had voted for Bush both times because his minister told him so.

This time, apparently, the minister went bipartisan too.

So, just as Hillary was betrayed by her party, so was McCain.

Cheney’s cousin was the choice of both parties, and Cheney’s toxic endorsement of McCain days before of the election was the kiss of death.

After the 2006 pick in the Congress, there was a massive push from the voters for 2 things:

Impeach Bush

Stop the war

On the impeachment I even remember some confession – in hindsight – from Pelosi – that instead, we need to concentrate on taking the white House. I didn’t get the quid pro quo right then.

As for the stopping the war – we got Obama’s empty rhetoric to appease that part. besides blowing the competition that was in the senate at the time IWR was voted.

True anti-war candidates like Gravel, Kuchinich or McKinney were utterly ignored – when not mocked. ” Fairy tale” was deemed racist – so, faux anti-war was it.

And these were the events that put the likes of Ken Adelman, Buckley Jr and Bill Krystol in the same camp with Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and the anti-war movement.

A camp which collectively made this The year of the Penis. To quote Bill Krystol:

“White women are a problem”

Updating this with Cannon’s observations

Where were the Orange Alerts?

Remember the Orange Alerts? Throughout the 2004 election, the orange lights flashed across our teevee screens every few days. Bad Guys were a-comin’, or so we were told. Many suspected that the terror alerts were rigged in order to frighten people into voting Republican. That cynical assessment was confirmed after Kerry’s defeat, when the alerts disappeared.

andΒ  my own on Iraqgate

This, BTW removes any doubt I had about who Bushco wants to win this election

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter