How does it feel?

Not as painful as the past 2 stolen elections. Far less indeed.

Is it because my skin got thicker? or rather my personal stake smaller?

I wasΒ  not an enthusiastic voter in 2000. But seeing the theft on TV, in front of my eyes, it awoke me politically – to a world of pain. I wish to “unknow” what I did find out – butΒ  I couldn’t.

2004 – A far less progressive candidate, benefiting of far more activists support, boasting that he’ll fight against a potential steal. He failed to do so.

2008 – A candidate financed and propped by Bushco, manages to present himself as progressive, gets more support than both Gore and Kerry combined plus the Bush media who Gores his opponents. People who supported him are deluded that they accomplished some sort of revolution. By bringing us …Cheney’s cousin.They are right now screaming outside “Obama!!!”

(I was reminded of that relationship when Cheney found it necessary to endorse McCain days before the election – whom exactly did he think that would help?)

Anyway, I didn’t have a candidate in this election since June (and maybe, never).

That made the disappointment far easier to take.

My guy said that if McCain won, he’s enjoy it for about 5 minutesΒ  – for the idea that the voters foiled the machine. I had to admit, I would have gone for a whole …10 minutes.

So, what do I miss? Those 10 minutes?

I am disappointed there wasn’t more of us to affect the election – though we’ll never know the real numbers – as I mistrust the count.

But so we are few in numbers. Does this make us less right?

Truth is not democratic. A majority can be wrong, and one single person can hold the truth.

I was a “ten percenter” in 2001 when 90% were “supporting Bush”. I stayed still and became part of the majority as most came to my way of thinking. I see this happening again in the near future.

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