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I have written about it here

What I will bet my 45 year reputation on is that McCain-Palin will win by at least 42 electoral votes

Now the update:

UPDATE: I have now updated my tables based on the latest RCP averages as of 2:00 PM EDT. Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania have edged back up slightly, but are still below the average from two days ago. North Carolina is now a tie and RCP now shows it for McCain-Palin on the no toss up map. The big news is that Florida has come down drastically from 4.2 to 2.5 and is bound to go for McCain-Palin. The stunning news is that Minnesota is coming on like gangbusters. The kind of movement would indicate that Minnesota is quite likely to go for McCain. I will up my prediction from a 42 to a 52 electoral votes margin pending further data.


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