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From the bluest of the blue NY.

In my building ( 5 floors, 20 apartments)I saw one B0 sign on a door – and absolutely no one wears any buttons. Well, I used to wear PUMA buttons but after that woman was beaten by B0bots on Upper West Side, I am now only wearing my PUMA ID bracelet

Earlier this summer, my elderly Korean neighbor saw my NO WE WON’T button and asked for one. So, I ordered one for him. I avoid talking politics in my building.

Today, my guy ran into the couple next door.

“Are you ready to vote on Tuesday?”

“Not so ready” my guy answered.

They laughed relieved and everyone left happy. Whom do you think they’ll all vote for (or rather against?)

What I find most interesting is how people don’t actually dare say they are not voting for The One. Just happy they find another “outlaw”

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