This is not B0bot confession, but the call they sent out and landed in my mail. Some relevant excerpts:

First sentence:

The swing states are tightening!  Gulp!

Are they? It’s not what your media tells us…but we kinda knew anyway

Still, it’s ironic you are disbelieving your own cheerleading surrogates.

A call for phone banking follows then a strange demand for money

PS. they have a sweetener for last minute donating (till Sun), you
can win a chance to be w/Barack (all expenses paid) on election
day.  McCain said he (McCain) will now spend 10 million more on
campaign than Obama and have a formidable get out the vote plan!

Did you hear? The ultimate “sweetener” – meeting the one! Selling accss? Must want that dough prety badly.

Makes sense too. 600 million doesn’t buy much these days…What did he spent those money on? Not GOTV apparently. The message from DFNYC that follows (Dean’s brother outfit) sheds some more light:

For the first time in recent history, the Democratic candidate for
President is not using paid phonebanks to get out the vote in
battleground states
. The Obama campaign is counting on volunteers in
NY, TX, IL and CA to call voters in critical states like Florida,
Ohio and Virginia. In some cases, the calls from our phonebanks will
be the only GOTV calls that swing-state voters will receive!

So, I ask again: where did 600 million go?

Twice already Obama claimed “running his campaign” as executive experience

Is claiming poverty after raising 600 million part of that ability supposed to reassure us?

OK, I know, he is not really running the campaign, just fronting it and this is not meant for the average voter, just the koolaid  set.

Which is exactly why I put it out there.

With n economy in shambles do we need a self described “campaign manager” who squanders 600 million and  is – allegedly – penniless at the end of his campaign? What does this say bout his “executive” ability?