Some amazing news from internal GOP polling.

It appears that the voters who didn’t want Obama in the primaries, still don’t want him now – Unity pony be damned!

Apparently, McCain is 2 points ahead in New Jersey – and sweet karma – ahead in Michigan! Yes, the “half vote” Michigan. yes, that “4 Hillary delegates go to the guy who wasn’t on the ballot Michigan. And also, the state McCain stopped campaigning in!

Only 2 points behind in California – with 9% undecided and Barr 3%

In Pennsylvania there’s a McCain blowoutΒ  55 McCain, 33 Obama – with 37% Dems voting McCain (those PUMAs we were talking about from another source) and 14 % undecided – these being DEMOCRATS udecided

Main issue with voters: Obama cheating and trying to buy this election

I guess the ACORN stories and that infomercial sealed the deal.

The greatest part of this? ACORN is not mobilized in blue states! The vote may actually be real there!

And as for how MSNBC will look election night? I refer you to my Halloween entry for the image

The irony of all this is – we predicted it during the primaries. Losing all important states, scorched earth campaigning and fraud could not earn him a lot of voter loyalty. Especially from the “old base”.

Money and media faked us too – up to a point. But it turns out we were right all along – the DNC selected a disastrous candidate.

I am looking now back at my fix is in entry from September 20

100% of the media – I expect polls and vote counting to follow.

Ignoring polls served me well. Let’s see if the Blue state surprise can trump fraud.