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Yeah, we know Tweety thought the production values of Obama’s infomercial wre the bestest thing ever.

But what do people who really know infomercials think?

New York Post went to the experts

“I don’t see enough smiling. Doom and gloom totally,” said Anthony Sullivan, one of the biggest names in infomercial history.

“I feel depressed right now,” added Sullivan, an Englishman famous for his infomercials touting the Swivel Sweeper and Smart Chopper.

I was about to throw myself through a window because it was depressing,”

And somehow they manage to encapsulate the problem of the entire campaign

He and AJ Khubani, who has produced infomercials for 25 years, said Obama also fell short of offering solutions to the dire problems he laid out.

I didn’t see a payoff. Classic infomercial is you show the before and you show the after. I didn’t see the music or the crashing waves of the Pacific,” Sullivan said.

I have to admit, I never watched infomercials – but this makes sense:

Khubani said: “Every infomercial lays out common problems, whether it’s a flabby belly or acne, and then it gives a solution. In this case the solution is Obama.”

But Obama didn’t pitch the product – himself – convincingly enough, he argued.

Maybe because the product is not really capable of solving our problems

Via Mere Rhetoric

Nonetheless, there were a lot more people than the visibly confused police officers had been led to expect. I’ve posted three pictures above the jump. After the jump there are a few more pictures, plus two videos that YouTube has taken the liberty of compressing almost beyond recognition. I have to go to class right now, but in a few hours I’ll also upload the complete set of 25 full-sized photos to a Picasa gallery that you can check out.

Favorite sign: either “Nixon released his tapes” or “Free the tape!”

I doubt they’ll release it, but happy media bias is a story these days.

There are some videos and more photos at the source

I heard this BS back in September when Bo couldn’t be restrained from personally going after Palin. (You know it’s still personal!)

One would think someone ‘splained it to him that a candidate is the OBJECT of a campaign, not the boss of it.

here it is, via PUMApac Glen Beck deconstructing that comparison.

Good points. But to me the absurdity starts even before the numbers. I have never in my live heard of running for office claimed as executive experience.

Hey, handlers, you gonna break the news to the puppet, or will you keep him in the bubble?

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Chickens coming home to roost?

Hillbuzz has several on the ground reports


But party breakdowns for turnout aren’t the same as final tallies, and at least one poll offered a different view for the campaign of Republican John McCain.

A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll gave McCain a 49-45 lead over Democrat Barack Obama among Floridians who have already voted.

So with a really high 6.4% advantage in turnout Obama is losing by 4%. That is some massive defection numbers away from Obama.

New Hampshire, Maine

We were told tonight that Maine and New Hampshire have more small family businesses that would be affected by Obama’s redistribution of wealth than we could imagine. Joe the Plumber resonated with these people — especially the fishermen. Todd Palin was recently dispatched to Maine in what the media claimed was an attempt to score one electoral college vote for Maine: tonight we were told it looks like McCain will win the whole state, not just that one congessional district.

and also

Sarah Palin was the smartest move John McCain could ever have made — she is playing incredibly well in Maine and New Hampshire, two states made up of mostly small towns, all of whom are outdoorsy and have traditions of female mayors, council members, and other high elected officials. Maine has two female United States Senators.

and my karmic favorite – Iowa

This isn’t just Hillary Democrats either. It’s a large swath of Democrats who feel violated by the tactics Obama employed in their state — bringing thugs from Chicago across the Illinois border to vote in Iowa’s caucuses. People there remember the truth, and will have that in mind on November 4th.

It became obvious to me from the article quoted in the previous entry

ABC wasn’t mentioned when Obama’s campaign first bought the roughly $1 million half hours from NBC, Fox and CBS, and the Alphabet has kept mum since. One source, however, claims ABC offered the airtime to the Obama campaign, which declined to buy.

Interestingly enough, Fox was “blessed” with the purchase. Of course, we know Fox was sent to the corner and only forgiven sometimes last summer after Rupert Murdoch, announcing his support for Obama, made a truce with the campaign.

Famously, Ryan Lyzza was excluded from the fawning escort to the worldwide tour last summer for the sin of reporting on Obama

Among those for whom there was no room was Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent of The New Yorker. The campaign, which was furious about the magazine’s satirical cover this week, cited space constraints in turning him away.

in the New Yorker. New Yorker also was forced to apologize profusely for the famous cartoon on its cover, saying voters and not Obama were lampooned.

Fawning media – you think Bush had it for 7 of his 8 years? I recall the admonitions against the media during the 2000 theft – for publishing exit polls, for reporting Florida results early and other such sins.

I remember naively believing there would be a pay off for this hostility in harsh coverage – after all, we saw what the media did to Clinton for no good reason.

Of course, what we had witnessed instead was the heads of all networks publicly apologizing for reporting exit polls (they were going to be junked as “unreliable” in the 2002 midterm election)

And now, amid stories of local chennels being denied access for probing interviews, the larger stories of vindictiveness and pettiness against what once used to be called the 4th estate almost fade away.

The candidate that should curry favor with the voters, attacks them if they ask questions.

The candidate that should have the media inform, withholds access if the information goes beyond propaganda. He also reveals – again – a petty, vindictive chip on the shoulder lack of character.

At least Bush didn’t start doing these things until he was installed, and even then, on a much smaller scale.

Which is why I repeat my prediction: if Obama is installed, we’ll think of the Bush years as “the good old times”

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