First this

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McCain has allowed some of the campaign’s internal poll information to come out to the public – probably to give hope and energy to his base and generate some news.

The campaign is functionally tied across the battleground states … with our numbers IMPROVING sharply over the last four tracks.

and this is the part that interests me

  • We are beginning to once again get over a 20% chunk of the vote among soft Democrats.

Seems the PUMAs and Blue Dog – Reagan Democrats are coming home.

and what of Joe?

This has been the week where “Joe the Plumber” has literally become a household name. An astounding 59% of voters in these battleground states have heard “a lot” about this story, 83% have heard “a lot” or “some” about this episode.

I happen to have anecdotal confirmation of that. A Bobot posted campaign material and personal experiences from PA – in a non-political venue. He writes

One of the people I spoke with on the phone was an active union member who had volunteered to help on the campaign but was then starting to get swayed by McCain’s ads about small business, her concern about how much money Obama had raised and who he might owe as a result.  In the conversation it was clear that race was also an issue.  I actually passed the call on to the field organizer because there were a few points she raised I wasn’t sure I could address adequately.

Again, this was an Obama volunteer and contributor getting swayed! Not a PUMA! The letter makes it seem as if this prodigal son was recuperated,

In the end she enthusiastically signed up to volunteer again but it struck me that even people who seem to be staunch supporters may need support and encouragement to actually get out and cast their vote.

but does she have brothers and sisters? And did she have the temerity to tell B0bots the truth about her conversion? The letter is as panicked as this effort and no less inappropriate in its placing.

I first had a feeling I was intruded upon, then I decided it was good news after all.