Politico is once again giving the finger to those who call their bias – in this case, the writer’s own mother


Hidden in 3 pages of silly reasons, I picked this revealing paragraph:

In addition, Obama has benefited from his ability to minimize internal drama and maximize secrecy β€” and thus to starve feed the press’ bias for palace intrigue. In this sense, his campaign bears resemblance to the two run by George W. Bush.

Wow! knock me with a feather, for a change, I agree with them! So it is. All photo ops and stealth viciousness – not to mention the fraud at the polls.

No, they don’t get as far as to praise election stealing.

However, it’s an extraordinary revelation for anyone who knows that “teflon” is not a fateful occurrence but a careful rallying of the powers that be.

The media has been more successfully with Reagan – as the snow job outlasted his presidency than with W – where reality prevailed. But not for lack of trying.

And now, we find out from the media in its narcissistic self-examining mode that – they can’t help it!

Let me repeat that:

his (Obama’s) campaign bears resemblance to the two run by George W. Bush.

Good times, good times!

So, be ready boys and girls. Expect a continuation of those 8 (7) years of fawning if they install this new W – or Jr.Jr as I call him.

I wonder how that last attempt came out for everyone?