Disenchanted B0 operative posted this at Hillbuz

The internal campaign idea is to twist, distort, humiliate and finally dispirit you.

We pay people and organize people to go to all the online sites and “play the part of a clinton or mccain supporter who just switched our support for obama”

Oh, yeah, we all remember those conversions! It wasn’t what made us switch from certain forums, blogs but the outright persecution of any dissent – cmplete with stalking and publishing of personal information.

we have also had quite a hand in skewing many many polls, some we couldn’t control as much as we would have liked. But many we have spoiled over. Just enough to make real clear politics look scarey to a mccain supporter. Its worked, alough the goal was to appear 13-15 points ahead.

see, the results have been working. People tend to support a winner, go with the flow, become “sheeple”

The polls are roughly 3-5 points in favor of Barack. Thats due to our inflation of the polls and pulling in the sheeple.

Dunno about pulling in the sheeple – I do know the samples are skewed and that 80% hang up on pollsters – and they can’t be B0bots.

Our donors, are the same people who finance the MSM. Their interests are tied, Barack then tends to come across as teflon. Nothing sticks. And trust, there were meetings with Fox news. The goal was to blunt them as much as possible.

Yup. The meeting between Murdock and B0’s campaign was in Vanity Fair last summer. Not breaking news.

Wrote a few posts about Faux. The common donnors is new information though.

Sarah Palin is a huge threat, and our campaign has feared her like you can’t imagine. If it seems unfair how she has been treated, well its because she has had a team working round the clock to make her look like a fool.

this is a big conspiracy and I am so shocked that its not realized.

Don’t be so shocked. I know the media works from Obama campaign memos – not exactly a conspiracy when everyone knows, is it? I do remember how the belittling of Palin started with Obama himself, then with some of the politicians – women- supporting him – then it went to the media, blogs etc. I did recognize the talking points Boxer and McCaskill made : “Women will feel offended by her choice” reflected in TV commentary, pollsters questions and analysis, SNL jokes.

The ending is kinda upbeat:

I will be quitting my post on nov 5th and my vote will be for John Mccain. Fortunately, my position has been a marketing position and I don’t feel I had any part of anything I would feel guilty for. But I look forward to getting out of this as the negativity and environment upsets me.

I wish you all well, and good luck.