So says the self appointed “artist” of this horror.

Somehow, he captures the theme of this year: what would be despicable to do to a black man is a lot of fun to do toΒ  a white woman.

If the white woman runs against Obama, it’s more than fun, it’s recommended and cheered on.

He also admits that had he done that display with Obama instead, his home would have been vandalized.

And an editorial to the point

It is dismaying that misogyny and sexism are so excessively marbleized into our daily interactions that some of us cannot even recognize their existence when confronted with it or when staring at it directly in the mirror.

It is my fervent hope that those who purport to be intellectuals begin to engage in argument and not resort to their baser selves or the easy exercise of personal and biology-based attacks.

Mockery and vilification of women such as Palin should become just as taboo as race-based slams. Until then, women are the real losers.


The AP write-up of the story, notably lacks the “what if Obama…?” part

Update October 30

The display was taken down

a man parked in front of their home, his black truck bearing a male dummy wearing a noose and T-shirt that read, “Chad, how does it feel?”